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— This is a re-posting of an article from last Summer’s archives.  While I’m away in Europe I thought I’d give you a tour of my blog.  I’ve got years of content to delve into and plenty of fun content to keep you entertained while I’m away. —

We made homemade sidewalk chalk paint at our house last week, and it was a big, fat hit. It’s basically liquid sidewalk chalk you paint onto the sidewalk with a brush. So much fun. It only takes 3 ingredients, one of which is water. Hallelujah.

Ingredients for Homemade Sidewalk Paint:

-1/4 cup cornstarch

-1/4 cup cold water

-food coloring


Seriously, can it get any easier?

Measure your cornstarch into a bowl.

I chose to start off without doubling the recipe, but in the end I needed to double it to make enough for 4 colors.

Add water and start mixing.

It’s going to be a little tough, because you’re mixing cornstarch and water, but be persistent. I know you can do it! I believe in you!

Once it’s thoroughly mixed together, add a few drops of food coloring. This is the best part.

Mix well. Isn’t it pretty? I think so.

I made the four basic colors in my food coloring kit, but you can mix and match and make whatever colors you want.

Now take it outside and start painting.

I only made enough sidewalk paint for onetime use but if I were you, I’d double it up and store it in glass baby food jars for later.

It’s a solid afternoon of fun. And a solid afternoon of peace?

Means mama can read her magazine in peace.

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  1. Natalie :

    Bless you for reposting this today! :) My kids are enjoying it while I type!