high waist mama

I have a thing for high waist pants.  I think it might all lead back to the fact that my earliest memories of my mother involve her wearing platform heels and go-go boots, or high waist trousers and jeans.  I’m obsessed with all those things.

Minus the go-go boots.  I’ve never really gotten into those.

Anyway.  Here are some of my favorite finds from Pinterest this week.  Enjoy!

high waist mama

1.  wide leg jeans  2.  Diane von Furstenberg, 3. the sartorialist 4.  high waist trousers

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  1. Sarah :

    Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

    • Allison :


  2. Joanne :

    Oh boy…not a fan. These would never suit me. High-waisted pants suit tall, leggy women with lithe waists. Look at the women in those photos. They look great in those high-waist pants because they have the body type for them. Sorry, didn’t mean to be a kill-joy :-/

    • Allison :

      You’re harshing my mellow Joanne! No, I’m kidding. I totally feel you. I’m not straight up and down myself.

      • Joanne :

        Allison, thy are lovely pants and if I were a size 8 I’d probably get a pair but as a size 14 and a J.Lo butt, um, I’ll pass ;)

  3. Kim Ross :

    Yeah I agree, I love them too but they are not for me. I am very short, very chubby lady and these are not a good look for me either. If they work for you, WORK IT GIRL!! :)

    • Allison :

      I’d be willing to bet you rock a nicely hemmed wide leg pant though? Yes!

  4. Dottie :

    But you would totally rock gogo boots!

    Hee hee! I know. I love a good wide legged pant!

    • Allison :

      Oh man, my mama had so many of those boots it was ridiculous.