High Chair Debate

Little O has started eating solids, which is a great adventure. I didn’t know it could be this much fun. But something I’ve been procrastinating is finding the right high chair. For the first week or so, I’d just feed him in his Bumbo on the floor of the living room—until I realized how quickly apple sauce can spill and get all over the carpet.

Here’s what Mike and I wanted in a high chair:

1) Not bulky. As compact as possible. We are running out of space in our home and don’t have a basement or garage to store things.
2) Clean and modern looking. No frills or lame designs.
3) Tray. Since our dining table is on carpet, a chair that just pulls up to the family table isn’t a very practical option. I wanted something that we could keep in the kitchen where we have tile floor.

If you’ve launched a search like this yourself, you know how difficult it can be! Here are some chairs that we found.

Ultimately, for affordability, it came down to the IKEA choices (surprise, surprise—will I ever stop singing IKEA’s praises?). Although I preferred the foldability of the spoling, it doesn’t come with a tray option. So we settled on the antilop. At $25 for the chair and tray combo, the price cannot be beat! Better yet, once I started reading reviews, everyone seemed to say that this is the best high chair because it is easily cleanable since all the surfaces are completely smooth and there is no fabric and no small crevices. WIN!

Mike and I purchased our new chair, and we’re all thrilled. Little O likes to sit there while I’m cooking, too, and he’s happy to play with measuring spoons and measuring cups. Although I would prefer a folding chair, I do like that the legs come off of this easily (no screws–everything just snaps and locks into place) so when it’s time to store it, it won’t be too bulky.

What is important to you when shopping for a high chair? What have you found that annoys you or that you can’t live without?

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  1. Vanessa :

    I am interested to read others comments because I bombed out on a highchair 3 times in a row! Just…they were not easily to clean, too flimsy…so yes looking forward to see and I am going to check these ones out!

  2. Azúcar :


    I can't stand high chairs–they take up so much space!

    We were gifted a nice Fisher Price chair, but I hated it. I liked it more once I permanently removed the cover (with its ruffles and padding and general un-modern crap.) I put the FP out to pasture on our balcony.)

    Since I don't do purees, baby just sits with me and eats off of my plate. Around the time when they start eating from your plate they're also close to sitting on their own in a booster. So we skipped the high chair, used mom's lap, and then went to a booster.

    Easy, cheaper, less to clean.

  3. Sarah :

    because I live in a small apartment and am poor :) I am looking for one that is small and cheap. I think I am just going to get one of those booster chairs that sits at our table. If we have guests, I can take it off. (Have you seen Hannah's? – like that)

  4. KJ :

    for baby the first, we used a booster with detachable tray. booster was anchored to a dining chair which we pulled away from the table at meal times to utilize the tray. When done, we just tucked the chair back under the table. But, we don't have a carpeted dining area. He still uses just the booster portion to eat with us at the table. Now that baby the second is about to start solids, I need another option. I'm looking for one tall enough to scoot up to our island so I don't have to take up another chair at our table. No luck yet.

  5. Amber @ BecauseBabiesGrowUp.com :

    Conserving space was top on our list. I also like options that grow with the child and will last over a long period of time. We went with the Fisher Price chair that straps to a dining chair. We've been very happy with it and have used it for both girls and anticipate that we will continue to use it with any future children. When the first outgrew it we got her a blue booster chair that slides more easily under the table. We lost another chair, but since they eat every meal at the table and we have guests occasionally, sacrificing the chair made sense.

  6. Trish :

    We have the antilop and LOVE it too!
    I think it's the perfect option- did you get the inflatable cushion? That made it cushier when my daughter was young. Now, she's 2 and still likes sitting in her ikea high chair pulled up to the table (with the tray off).

  7. likeschocolate :

    I have had two high chairs and my favorite was the peg prego. It was not cheap, but it did adjust in height and did fold down if needed be. I do not agree that children can sit in a booster until about the age of two because they just do not stay where they are suppose to. Who wants to eat dinner while chasing a one year old because they think it is fun to get up and down. I also think straps are important. It is way to easy for a child to fall out of a really get hurt. We had it happen when a friend didn't buckle our child in right. The lap might be good once in a while, but will ruin the clothes when little hand smear everything on them.

  8. likeschocolate :

    I noticed some comments about carpeted area and there are plastic mats that can be found at babies r us or target that go under the hight chair. These will save the carpet. Oh, and the bumbo should never be used as an option unless you are willing to sit there with them because eventually the can and will be tipped over once a child figures out how to rock in them. More head injuries have occured to babies left in these devises.

  9. Sell...Party Of 4 :

    I am in love with that orange and white boon chair…I just found out I am preggo, and that is on my list of future purchases. I don't care that it takes up space, because I used my high chair SO much. BUT I didn't fill my house with other things like walker type toys, swings, play mats, etc.

  10. Pure And Honest Kids :

    I think straps are important, especially for adventurous toddlers like my own! We would never get through a meal if we didn't have those straps.

    We started with a high chair and then downsized to a booster type chair that fits in your chair when our daughter was older. I really like the Musty Grow Up booster chair because they are stylish and simple, and they still have straps. Check them out here.


  11. Best Baby Organics :

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  12. LobotoME :

    we have the same one for henry and it is awesome and cheap! we just take it outside and hose it off it's bad! ;-)

  13. Rachael :

    you just sealed the deal for me! I have been debating the IKEA chair –