Happy 2011!

How were your holidays?  Good?  Crazy?  Relaxing?  Mine were a combination of the three, with an unintentional bit of R&R on the tail end after my stupid skiing accident last week.  I read an 800 page novel, watched the entire series of The Pacific, and spent a fair share of time napping in bed.

black eyes

So, yes, happy holidays to me!

A few items of business before we jump into the new year:

  • My site has been having a few technical glitches, things I’m trying to fix to make Petit Elefant more user friendly for all of you.  If you’ve been trying to search the archives and have gotten a 404 message, it should be fixed now.  If not, let me know and I’ll look into it asap.
  • A reader asked how random the giveaway winners really are, and I’m here to tell you, they’re 100% random.  If you want to pray to someone, pray to the gods of Random.orgSwearsies.
  • I posted about some of the makeup loot Santa brought me, hoping to prompt some ideas for video tutorials.  I’m still asking.  I can show you every makeup trick in the book, but you have to tell me what it is you’re looking for.  As it is, I might whip out a how-to black eye tutorial this week.  Shout out some makeup ideas in the comments and I’ll add your ideas to the roster.

I have two winners to announce from giveaways a couple weeks ago, and here they are:


I have been wanting to watch Mad Men for the longest. I’m not sure which character I would be but from glancing at the comments I sound like a Betty. That skirt is way hot!!


Can you hear my screaming like a small child from here? No? Good, that’d be embarrassing.  Almost as embarrassing as me fighting with my girls over the package if I win. ohoho.

Congrats to both of you on your spoils.  Get in touch with me ASAP to claim your booty.  If I don’t hear from you within 7 days, I’m choosing someone else.  Email me: allisonATpetitelefantDOTcom

And on a more sentimental note, thanks for everything you bring to the Petit Elefant community.  I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you choose to share your day with me, every day, year after year.  I love you for it.  Here’s to a wonderful 2011.

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  1. Jamie S :

    Happy New Year! I hope that lovely black eye disappears quickly.

    Thanks for building such a wonderful community.

  2. Elizabeth :

    Cat Eye Look!

  3. Shari :

    Happy New Year Allison!

  4. Jenny :

    That is one sick eye. What novel did you read?

  5. lorchick :

    YAY! :D I haven’t won anything on a blog giveaway in a coon’s age, however long that is. Boom-shaka-laka.
    Can you do a tutorial on hiding a black eye? I have thin skin under my eyes and just switched to contacts and now I look Really Tired all the time. I went to a makeup counter and came home with the thickest concealer they had and the girl was dismayed that you could still see some blue. Also how to deal with makeup+fine lines? I just started growing some gooders around my eyes – curse you, happy nature, I have smile lines everywhere – and I’m kindof grossed out by how my makeup keeps trying to settle there. Primer maybe? Even under the eyes though?

  6. Amie :

    Honestly, I’d love a great smoky eye tutorial. I have green eyes, fair skin, blonde lashes and auburn hair. Go! :)

    Also? My eyes look kind of like Michelle Williams…you know, NO hollowed-out shape with prominent brown bone…so all those tutorials that say “put this color in the deepest hollow of your lid”…those don’t work for me. Guess I have I have fat eyelids. :p

  7. Debbie :

    Please show us how to put on false eyelashes. I’ve always wanted to try them but #1 – afraid they would look to “fakey” and #2 – afraid they would fall off.

  8. Brooke :

    that is quite a shiner. impressive.

    dude i got eyes like amie, but different coloring. i prefer to call it ‘no lids’ instead of fat lids though. no lids can still do smokey.

  9. deb :

    I want to know how much eye shadow is enough… I always feel like I go a little too light.

    I hope you’re feeling better day by day. xo

  10. Kimberly :

    That’s quite the eye! I hope it heals quickly. I’d like to see how to do some color in eye shadow. I know that’s vague, but I’ve been doing the trio of browns forever. It works for me. I’d like to try some color, but it scares the heck out of me. I once tried a purple and I felt like a teenager who got into her mom’s makeup and that’s not a good thing.

  11. Ali :

    if anyone asks you about your eye when you venture out and about, just say, “you should see the other guy”. exactly what i did when my sister accidently elbowed my eye and gave me a shiner! hope you heal quickly!

  12. Leadia@TheBreeder'sDigest :

    It’s been fun getting to “know you”. I always enjoy reading your blog. How about how to erase under-eye circles??? Plus, I have to admit, I never got into makeup when I was younger so it stumps me now…especially since I’ve crossed over into 40. How do you “put on” an everyday face?

  13. Elizabeth :

    I just won an awesome pencil skirt?!!! Really??!!! So, so awesome!!! I love your blog and check in almost daily to read your latest tips and tricks. I hope your eye heals quickly. I sent you an email with about the skirt.

    Thanks so much!!

  14. Jen King :

    How about a tutorial on an eye makeup look for work, specifically, do you put the eyeliner on before or after the shadow? Sometimes my eyemakeup makes me look like I’m trying too hard, if that makes sense!!