handsome men’s club video.

I seriously can’t stop watching this video, it’s hilarious. If you need a time waster in your life today, this is it.


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  1. Naomi :

    I lost it with the Spanx… I mean, superhero tights. And the emphatic back up singing. And the Clapper. Whoa.

  2. Petit Elefant :


    Seriously, right? I've watched it, well, a few times, and I laugh out loud every time.

  3. Petit Elefant :


    HA! I watched it yesterday with Kami, then showed it to Marie, made Jordan watch it later that night, and just showed it to Viktor. Love.

  4. The Dragonfly :

    It's raining here. And I'm stuck at home with my baby. But now I've got the HMC to keep me company. Seriously, that is AWESOME. {and really, some of those men are, well, handsome.}


  5. TM_Erin :

    "Show of handsome…?" Has been my go to phrase since Monday.

  6. Camille :

    Loved it! So cleverly done – and so fun to see all the "handsome" men!
    "handsome fades… look at Sting!" classic!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Sarah :

    That is so so funny! I am sharing it now

  8. this week for dinner - jane maynard :

    I emailed it to people, blogged about it, tweeted about it and talk about it every chance I get. obsessed? no way.

  9. Ashley @ Little Miss Momma :

    I am not sure who found this funnier(not a word, I know), my husband or me! We were rolling! My fav was when Jimmy denied access to Liev because he has red in his facial hair–brutal, yet hilarious!

  10. leigh :

    oh my. that was so great! thanks

  11. Quinn :

    ROFLMAO!!!! This made my day, Allison! So many good lines, but I loved "Keith has 'lady hair.'" Awesome.

  12. Emily :

    Okay, that was awesome! Showing it to the DH right now. Going to have to use "show of handsome" as often as possible!

  13. Lucy :

    Genius! I just might become a Jimmy Kimmel fan after all!

  14. ALC :

    SO FUNNY! My favorite was the Keith Urban Lady Hair. What's up with his hair anyway?

  15. amelie522 :

    I just love John Krasinski. His face when they say Kimmel's not handsome? I watched that like 4 times, and laughed out loud. And who couldn't laugh at the Clapper? Thanks for the recommendation.

  16. Hannah :

    Oh my heavens. This is so hilarious. My husband and I just watched it twice.

  17. Cat :

    It it funny but I think just watching the handsomes is worth the time!

  18. Morgan Moore :

    That is really funny!

  19. KC :

    I love Jimmy Kimmel and wonder why I don't watch his show! I wanted to record his oscar show because I thought he would be good, but I didn't. Thank you for having that clip on here! I LOVED it!

  20. CMN :

    Hmmm… "Handsome Mens Club"… I'm pretty sure I heard about this one two weeks ago, when it first hit, but did I pay attention? Nope.

    However, seeing the link here? Decided to watch… and laughed. my. head. off!

    Thanks for the recommendation – it WAS great!