Halloween Treats, Gluten-Free Edition

Oh, there are so many completely awesome halloween goodies to be making right now.  I’m pretty jazzed about the super cool gluten-free options out there, perfect for making things festive and yummy for my kiddos this month. This is one of my favorites. Practically idiot proof. Adorable. Wouldn’t your munchkins be thrilled to find one of these in their lunchbox?

So tell me, what are your favorite gluten-free Halloween goodies? I’m a leader in the Udi’s Gluten Free community and I’d love to know! Join us for a live chat on October 9th right over here.

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  1. Myrnie :

    Similar, but we LOVE rice krispy treats made with popcorn, with a bit of extra vanilla splashed into the marshmallow mixture. (I normally use Crisco instead of butter, to make them dairy-free as well. Plus, it’s kind of squidgy and awesome :)