Half Up Fishtail Braid Tutorial

Half up fish tail braid

If you’ve never tried a fish tail braid before, today’s the day! I think every gal should have one good braid in her hair styling arsenal: French braid, traditional braid or otherwise. Especially because Summer is nearly here with all it’s relaxed styles, balmy afternoons and beachy vibes. And I love it. As you might have guessed, I’m a big fan of simple. Simple hair, simple outfits. I am a mom of two boys and I want to be cute and feminine but I have to be practical as well.

This braided style fits the bill whether you are going for casual or romantic. It’s  a half up fishtail braid that takes 10 minutes, tops, and it’s great for styling quickly when your hair is still wet. Any style that eliminates the hair dryer on a hot day is a keeper in my book.  Let me show you how it’s done!

Fish tail braid half up

Half-up Fishtail Braid

Here are the products I used:

  • Root lifter
  • Mousse
  • Teaser comb
  • Thin hair tie
  • Hair pins if you need them

That’s it! I might even consider the mousse optional, it’s mainly just for extra volume but the braid works without it.

I start by applying the root lifter and then the mousse while my hair is damp , preferably right out of the shower.  Then after it’s dry, I use the teaser comb to get some volume at the roots all the way down to the nape of my neck. Since I think it’s easiest to learn by doing, follow along with the tutorial in the video.


I have a YouTube channel where you can find lots of fun hair tutorials and such.  I hope you’re inspired to try this simple summer style! Have a great day!

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Natalia is a mom to two crazy boys and wife to one handsome dude. She lives in France part of the year where her husband plays professional basketball, but she hails from Southern California. The hubs was born & raised in Nassau, Bahamas, which makes them an intercultural, interracial family traveling the globe together since 2007. She loves to cook (but mostly eat), hang with her fam, be adventurous, & find ways to stay girlie in a house full of men. On her site you can find loads of hair tutorials, makeup ideas, & fashion tips for the everyday woman. She believes that beauty and fashion don't have to be intimidating and that every woman should learn to embrace her own beauty.

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  1. Mel Stevens :

    Fishtail braids! I soo love the hairstyle. <3 But I'd still prefer to use a hair dryer in styling my hair, specially if I'm using a Karmin Salon Series hair dryer.