Grammy Red Carpet Looks 2016 Favorite Looks

The Grammy red carpet looks last night for the 2016 Grammy’s were, well, mostly boring, with a few exceptions.  Some of the red carpet looks were a little more bold than the Golden Globes, thank the heavens above, but mostly chill.  Should we talk about what we loved?  I think so.


adele red carpet grammys 2016

I know Adele’s sound was hijacked by a rogue mic falling on a piano (at least that’s what everyone is saying on Twitter), but I don’t even care.  It’s Adele, and girlfriend can do no wrong.  Plus, let’s talk about her dress.  I really liked it on her, a lot.  Adele usually wears more flouncy stuff, but I’m a huge fan of the form fitting, black sparkly, 3/4 sleeve dress she wore for this year’s Grammy awards.  It looked great on her with her new “mum bob” and minimalist jewelry.


Taylor Swift Grammys red capret 2016

Love her, hate her, Taylor Swift looked fabulous on the red carpet last night.  I really like that she dressed her age, and I’m a huge fan of the flouncy hot pink skirt.  Foxy.


Bonnie McKee Grammys Red Carpet 2016


If Bonnie McKee had boring hair this tuxedo might not have looked as awesome as it did, but with hot pink hair this silver tuxedo was bangin’.  BANGIN‘.


Meghan Trainor Grammys Red Carpet 2016

This simple, understated black sequin gown had a little more fabric than Meghan Trainor normally wears, and I think it looks really sexy on her.  That, plus the new red hair = va-va-voom.


Lady Gaga Grammys Red Carpet 2016

I’m not crazy about Lady Gaga’s performance art / red carpet looks, like, ever, but you’ve gotta give the girl props.  Plus her David Bowie tribute dress was pretty gorgeous as a piece of art.  The girl really commits, and that’s something.


Leon Bridges Grammys 2016

Do you know Leon Bridges? I think he’s the most adorable newcomer to music in a long, long time.  You should go follow him on Instagram immediately if you aren’t already.  I love his music (total throwback stuff) and I LOVE his style.  He’s got a cool 1950’s vibe all around; he’s definitely one to keep your eye on.


grammy red carpet

I don’t know a thing about Diana Gloster except that this dress with musical notes dress is awesome.  I mean, if you’re at the Grammy Awards, you might as well LOOK like you’re into music.

What looks did you love last night from the Grammy red carpet?  What did you hate?  Did you skip it to read a book instead?  I’d love to know!

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