Good Fortune Valentines and a Free Printable

good fortune valentine printable I love using free printable Valentines for my boys each year. It feels sorta like we are making our own adorable, homemade, super crafty Valentines filled with love and joy, but really, it’s just a matter of download-print-sign. Done. No folding or envelope stuffing or ribbon tying. Unless you want them that way, of course. I’m thankful from the bottom of my heart to the mad talents out there who share their cleverness with the rest of us. It’s kinda the best.

good fortune valentine printable

This year, my little guy presented very specific ideas for his class Valentines. He wanted to give out fortune cookies, taped to cards with hearts and red words that said “You are my good fortune, Valentine.”  Okee dokee, kiddo. We started searching, and found some reasonable options, but none that truly matched his vision. So we made our own! I know that in a year or two he’ll be less enthusiastic about Valentine’s Day, but for now he’s really pleased with these. And I admit, it was pretty fun to design these with his adorable 8 year old little brain in charge.

fortune valentine printable

DOWNLOAD THE PDF FILE HERE: fortune cookie valentines

Today, it is your good fortune to grab these free printable fortune cookie Valentines. Just click the link above to get the PDF. There are 4 cards on the sheet, with 2 different sentiments. You’ll need to run out and grab some individually wrapped fortune cookies on your own (many bulk foods sections in grocery stores have them, or find them on the Asian foods aisle). Please don’t sell these or take credit for them or anything weird like that, you know? Let’s be cool.

good fortune valentine printable

Just download-print-sign, and add a fortune cookie. Enjoy!

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