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I think it’s about time for another giveaway, wouldn’t you all agree? Since it’s January {the month of all things organization} the giveaway is an organizer. Specifically, a greeting card organizer from the fantastic company Knock Knock. All the details of this perfect organizer have been outlined in the previous post about Knock Knock. Check it out.

Greeting Card Organizer
{via Knock Knock}

$21 value.

To enter the contest, I need you to tell me about the best card you have ever given or received. {Remember: short and sweet}.

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  1. ladyamanda :

    Best card I ever got, was from my daughter, who made it all by herself, with my pinking shears, lots og glue and glitter…Silly, but it was VERY heartfelt.

  2. megankortepeter :

    My signifigant other always leaves cards in my travel bag when I have to leave on business. No matter what the cards say it’s always the sweetest thing to know that he’s thinking of me even when I’m away.

  3. Julie :

    ooh thats hard my husband is pretty good at cards, they are usually very artsy and usually tells me that he loves me and they always make me cry.

  4. Cathy :

    My oldest daughter once made me a card with a cartoon she drew on it. I love it!

  5. Danielle :

    From my son, of course! A handmade card with all different colored squiggles and no words, but he says that it reads “I LOVE MY MOMMY SO, SO MUCH!” And, I happen to know that he put ALOT of effort into choosing the “best” colors! Awwwwww! I adore that kid!
    dansan826 at

  6. Naomi :

    The mother’s day card I got from my daughter last year when she’d just turned three and was actually able to participate in making a card is my favorite. So sweet!

  7. Bree :

    So far, it was when I was pregnant with my daughter- my hubby gave me a mothers day card! So sweet!

  8. tag's team :

    The best card I ever received was for our 5th wedding anniversary, my husband picked out the same card he had the year prior… that way I knew he really believed what it said b/c he had bought it twice!

  9. Cicada :

    I’m going to go over 25 words:

    I made an apology card for a friend. It had a picture of me on the front with a butt instead of a head. I had written, “Sorry for being an @ss.” Inside, I wrote my formal apology.

    My friend called me to accept my apology, and then said, “I really liked your card……. Can I keep it?”

    I wanted to say, “No, I’m going to give it to the next guy named Paul to whom I’m a jerk.” But that would be been jerky again. So I just said that yes, he could keep the homemade card that I made specifically for him.

  10. NSMOM :

    Best card I ever gave (I’m guessing this is the case because it’s the only card my husband ever kept) was one year when I was so busy and didn’t have time to go to the store so I had to make an anniversary card last minute. Found a cute picture of the two of us where our faces where relatively close together and cut out the picture into a shape of a heart – put that on the front of some folded-in-half scrapbook-think paper and then wrote a note inside. He still has it on his desk 5 or so years later. Thanks,
    Maureen (jnomaxx at hotmail dot com)

  11. lovedandamazed :

    I have been wanting one of these! I would love to win. :-)

    The best card I ever received was from my parents on my 18th birthday, telling me that I have been a blessing to them since the first moment they learned I was conceived. That really meant a lot to me!


  12. Gloria :

    The best card I ever received was a mothers day card from my daughter. She was about 5 years old and made it herself.

  13. noreen :

    The best card was from my husband while we were dating only a month or so. He wrote that I was the love of his life and that we would marry someday. A year later we got married and now it is over ten years later.

  14. Sarah S :

    the best card – from my dad when my best friend died in a car accident. it was supportive and brought great peace!

  15. Miscellany Mom :

    love notes from my hubby! he picks up cards that say something sweet and gives them to me just for fun!

  16. Susanne :

    From my husband last year for our anniversary…so loving! He’s quite a catch!
    stbaisch AT

  17. Lolly :

    the best card i ever got was handmade by an ex with all the nice things i did for written individually on it

  18. PS :

    Best card ever, my husband photo copied a teddy bears a$$, but suprisingly it looked like a heart and was very sweet! After I stopped laughing!

  19. Addifix :

    From my grandma – before I was married she gave me a congratulations on my engagement card, but it was my birthday.

  20. Don and Lisa Osborn :

    I think the best card I ever received was from my daughter on our my first mother’s day. Something about seeing Mommy on the card after years of waiting and our adoption journey was so fulfilling.

  21. Meg :

    The best/sweetest card I ever received was a card my husband bought to give me from our unborn son on my first mother’s day…I was still 3 months away from meeting him, but just knowing my husband went to that much trouble and wrote such sweet words…. :0) ( )

  22. Mary512 :

    The best card I ever received was this huge 3 foot tall birthday card from my dad when I was little. Not sure exactly how old I was, but I’ll never forget that card. It was huge!

  23. meka foo :

    The best card I ever received was from my mom. She gave back a Mothers Day card that I had given her with a note about being a Mom. It was beautiful, very personal, and I have both cards on my bureau to inspire me every day.

  24. sara :

    My very best card was my 1st Mother’s Day card! My husband helped my little man do a few scribbles in it and it melted my heart! It was also a reality check….I’m really a Mommy now!

  25. windycindy :

    Wonderful contest! When I was an aide for an epileptic second grade boy, we had an unusual,but wonderful relationship. He would try and use his illness to get out of learning. We would go round and round. When Valentine’s Day came around, N. surprised me with a card and his signature written as well as I knew he was able to do. He pass in his late teens after brain surgery. I still have his card. Thanks,Cindi

  26. Carolynn W. :

    The best card I’ve ever recieved was a ‘Just Because’ card.
    I was worried and feeling down one day when in the mail I got this just because I’m your friend card. It was so sweet and totally made my day brighter!

  27. Becca :

    The best card I ever received was a Mother’s Day card from our daughter’s birth mother. She was so happy that she could provide me a way to celebrate that day, after so many years of struggling with it. It also reassured me that she was healing from the grief of placing her baby for adoption.

  28. Shelly :

    The best card I ever got was a ‘hang in there’ card from a friend after my third miscarriage….

  29. Gina :

    The best card I recieved was from everyone who loves me that all signed 1 card when my father passed in May (on his birthday).

    This is a great card organizer. Thank you.

  30. Miss Vida :

    Best card was from an unborn baby….ok, maybe it was from her mom, but it was a thank you for her babyshower and all the things I did with her while she was pregnant.

  31. Hedi :

    The best card i rcieved was from my boyfiend for Valentine´s day and it showed me he´s feelings!

  32. Mags :

    My favorite card was a card attached to a dozen roses that I received on April 1 from my husband. The card said “I’m an April Fool for you”.

    There is also a card – by Sandra Boynton I think (but not sure) that says: “You may think it’s funny when your nose is runny but it’s snot.” That one never fails to make me laugh.

  33. jbubolz-miller :

    One of my favorite cards was a rainbow on the front with a gift tag saying for you=). We got it as we waited for our son from Korea and there were some hard days as we sat in the nursery waiting for our travel call as he grew up without us.

  34. Brooke :

    My favorite card was the one my daughter made for the Kids Craft Weekly International Holiday Card Swap. She drew a picture of Santa coming down the chimney in his underwear on the inside. We sent it to a boy named Chance.

  35. Stephanie :

    The best card I was ever given was just a few months ago. I was going into surgery and we tried to keep it hush-hush around my three-year old. But somehow she must have known something was up because as I was leaving she ran up to me and gave me a card she made and said “hold onto this when you are scared mommy!”

  36. SJ :

    I love it when my boys bring home their pre-school crafts / cards made especially for me. It really warms my heart!

  37. JewelsHud :

    My favorite card was one I received from my husband last year because it was the EXACT same card I had gotten for him – it was such a neat moment b/c he opened mine first and I knew immediately! How fun! Thanks for the giveaway – I’d love to win!

    julieahudson [at] hot mail [.] com

  38. Uniquely Yours :

    Best card I ever got was the first from my daughter to really make your realize what it means to be a mother.

  39. The Saunders Family :

    best card was from my husband(just a guy I was dating at the time…) He asked me if he could court me…awww…it was so sweet!
    mom2maria at hotmail dot com

  40. brandy w :

    a card that said i love you. my husband sent from iraq when he was serving our country

  41. Heather :

    Postcard from my husband while he was TDY (temporary duty – military) with words from a song on it. Awesome.

  42. Taryn :

    The first Mother’s Day card I got from my son scribbles and all :)

  43. Michelle @ [ real neat ] :

    The first Valentine’s Day card that I ever received from my husband (10 years before we married, and just 2 days after we started dating)! Inside the card was a copper wire that he had meticulously bent and twisted into a scripted version of the word, “love.” It was precious!