Giveaway: The Body Shop

Summer is almost over. (Ooh, I said it out loud). Feet ravaged by flip flops, hands ravaged by gardening, nerves worn by kids home from school. Sounds like it’s time for a little TLC for mommy. The Body Shop wants to help with thier new Organic Virgin Coconut Oil bath and body care products.
The Giveaway: a collection of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil creams, scrubs and
butters valued at over $70!
You can read more about them here, or you could just take my word that they are divine! Cleanse with the rich shower cream, smooth rough heels and elbows with the body scrub, soften–really soften–with the body butter, and amp up your summer glow with the shimmer lotion. All with a grown-up, earthy coconut fragrance that’s positively delicious. Good for you, good for the earth, good for small economies. All good.
Giveaway Details:
  • Leave only one comment on this post to enter
  • Entries are open until Friday, August 7th, 10pm, MST
  • Anonymous entries will be discarded, be sure to include an email address with your comment
  • Link to this post on your own blog (include the url in your comment) and receive an extra entry
  • Winner will be announced here Monday, August 10th
  • Winner has 7 days to respond, otherwise a new winner will be selected.
  • Thanks to The Body Shop for sponsoring this great giveaway!
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  1. Azúcar :

    My husband is coo-coo for coconuts.

    And that's all I have to say about that.

  2. Janssen :

    As I'm coming up on a long winter (in Boston) this year, I'm thinking this will help me remember Texas summers.

    janssen.everyday @ gmail dot com

  3. Candace :

    sounds good to me!

  4. butterflyny :

    Oh wow! Love coconut oils and the body shop!! Count me in! My heels need it!!

  5. Jen :

    This looks amazing! Thanks!

    twinsej at gmail dot com

  6. Amy :

    I love The Body Shop! And these sound wonderful! Thank you for the giveaway.
    amy dot lynn dot bauer at sbcglobal dot net

  7. Tracy :

    I love the Body Shop and this new coconut line looks amazing.

  8. Kim :

    I LOVE the body shop!

  9. Heidi :

    I would love to try this

  10. MommyMert :

    ooh.. yummy…coconut!!

    mertgirl at hotmail dot com

  11. Lisa :

    Yum, I love coconut!

  12. Anonymous :

    I have always loved your products.

  13. likeschocolate :

    Oh, I sure could use some of that yummy coconut lotion. My nerves are shot. Can't wait for school t start next week.

  14. Jackie Cannon :

    I love the Boby Shop products and I'm sure I would love this one.

  15. d8t8k :

    I love all things from The Body Shop!
    Karen –

  16. Tia :

    I would love to get this in preparation for our upcoming trip to Hawaii.

  17. TX_Jen34 :

    I love coconut! It's my favorite scent!

  18. Alyssa :

    That is my favorite flavor and I just finished up my last bottle.

  19. Bernadette Uzcategui :

    Me, me, me! I love all things indulgent and coco-nutty :)

  20. KatieJ :

    That stuff looks awesome, I hope I win! ( skijohn at cox dot net )

  21. Lucy :

    Sounds yummy!
    sadiemae2001 at hotmail dot com

  22. Sellswifey :

    Wow this stuff sounds amazing! Thanks for the giveaway!d

  23. Mrs. Langeland :

    I would love a little coconut in my life to help prolong summer!
    (joyous at gmail dot com)

  24. EB :

    I love their products! Thanks!

  25. jemscout425 :

    love this. my skin is so dry right now. count me in

  26. patrick m :

    wife and I both love our coconuts..

  27. Kendra :

    I love the Body Shop! Hope I win!

  28. Anonymous :

    My dry Texas summer skin could use this lovely coconut moisture!

  29. Stephanie :

    wow – sounds like a great product. fingers crossed.
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  30. hotinphx :

    Oh, I could really use the pampering! Phoenix sun is not nice to your skin. :(

  31. js22 :

    ooh what a bunch of goodies!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    email in blogger profile.

  32. Cammee :

    Oh please!! Coconut is my favorite scent ever!

    cammee (dot) baum (at) gmail (dot) com

  33. Missy :

    this sounds wonderful!

    fakecrab (at) gmail (dot) com

  34. heatherzilla :

    The Body Shop has great products and I absolutely love coconut.

  35. NSMOM :

    Would love this. Thanks,
    Maureen (jnomaxx at hotmail dot com)

  36. emerzim :

    My body would be ever so grateful!

  37. Randi :

    Oooh! Wouldn't this be fun to win!

  38. Kiara :

    I would love to win this!

  39. Leslie Mingo :

    Yes, please. Pick me. I love the Body Shop.

  40. Renee :

    Love Coconut. Would love to win.

  41. Randi :

    I've linked back to the giveaway!

  42. jsc123 :

    Coconut is one of my favorite scents in the summer but even more so in the winter as it reminds me of summer and the tropics.
    And I love the quality of The Body Shop products. So that makes these twice as nice.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  43. t42vek20 :

    I love coconut anything! Please recieve my entry.

  44. slb3334 :

    I would love this.

  45. Scary Mommy :

    That's as close as I'm getting to the tropics any time soon. I'd love to win!

  46. Kimmie :

    I love the Body Shop! This would be a great gift to win for myself.


  47. Annie1 :

    I'm hoping Canadians are eligible to enter!

    Thanks for a great giveaway!
    (in Canada)

  48. Mamushi Love :

    I love that coconut is so popular right now. It's a great, relaxing scent.

  49. Jen :

    would love this too! Thanks
    jhackathorn at gmail dot com

  50. Terri Fisher :

    The smell of coconut always takes me away to some exotic place…divine!

  51. single mama :

    very cool – thanks!

    my flip-flop feet could use some tlc :)

  52. cdziuba :

    Thank you, not only for this giveaway, but for showing respect for our time and making it easy to enter.

  53. Sue :

    I'm hearing so much about coconut products these days. Would love to try some of them! Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. goalie2251 :

    This is a nice give away! :] I'd love to be lucky enough to get them!

    goalie2251 at gmail dot com

  55. kalanicut :

    This island girl LOVES yummy tropical scented potions! Oh please, please, please. (I'm calling upon the island gods to bring this to me, even as I type.) Maybe I need to find the nearest volcano and sacrifice/toss something into it to up my chances. ;)

  56. Maria :

    My dry legs would really eat this up!! Yum.

  57. Jill :

    ooOOOoo…yes please!

    jillnmortensen at gmail dot com

  58. Rasberryswrlgirl :

    Thank you for hosting the contest! I'd love to win

  59. redstar720 :

    I've never purchased anything from The Body Shop but it looks nice! Thanks for the contest :D Redstar720(at)aol(dot)com

  60. KEB :


  61. jen :

    winning this would be divine … and may completely make going back to work … semi-ok.

  62. Saebbe :

    OO I want!!! This looks wonderful.

  63. Mary :

    This would be so awesome!!!

  64. Lindsey :

    I would love to win this!!!! I love coconut :) Thanks,

  65. ImGodzGurlie :

    I want to enter. My name is K'La Wymbsa dn my email address is

  66. ImGodzGurlie :

    K'La Wymbs—–;=profile

  67. Mariessa :

    sounds heavenly! I want to scrub my troubles away <3

    thank you for the sweepstakes!

  68. Anonymous :

    The Body Shop offers some of the best smelling products. Coconut scent always reminds me of summer.

  69. Marci :

    Would love these.

  70. Sharon Harmon :

    I would love to be spoiled by all these wonderful Body Shop goodies!! Thank you for the contest!

  71. melissa :

    Ummmm coconut..the body shop has the best products ever!
    mchakir2008 at

  72. Brian and Natalie :

    Yummmmmmmmmmmy I LOVE coconut!

  73. Joannie :

    Thanks for this great giveaway! I adore the scent of coconut!!

  74. littlelatina :

    The scents from the body shop are amazing!!

  75. daizee :

    I love Body Shop stuff!

  76. Amy :

    Sounds delightful!!!

    (Crafting by Candlelight)

  77. Anonymous :

    sounds decadent

    dangotmail AT yahoo DOT com

  78. thinkingbrain135 :

    What an absolutely wonderful giveaway! I love coconut scented products but have yet to try products made with coconut oil.

    thinkingbrain135 at gmail dot com

  79. Amber :

    ooh this range from The Body Shop sounds awesome. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!!

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  80. Laura :

    I love the Body Shop – both their products and their philosophy!

  81. Kimberly :

    I'd love to win. The body shop has such good moisturizers and coconut is my favorite!

  82. Patti K :

    I love coconut!!!Reminds me of the beach.

  83. Deborah Wellenstein :

    I love the smell of coconut, so please enter me to win. Thanks!

  84. Pamela937 :

    I love coconut! This is a great giveaway

  85. turboterp :

    These products sound positively yummy! Thanks!

  86. Sunnyvale :

    coconut oil seems to have become very popular, I would like to try this

  87. JC :

    I won't eat coconut, but would wear it all day long!! Love that summery scent.

  88. mickeyfan :

    I love the Body Shop products. Just can't get enough.

  89. cathiem :

    I biet you these products smell fantastic!

  90. Lynn H :

    I hope that I win…I love The Body Shop products!

  91. Deborah :

    I'll definately take your word about how good they are…but do they make you crave cocoanut custard pie? Sorry, I seem to be obsessed with cocoanut these days. asthenight at gmail dot com

  92. GetTeed :

    I love me some coconut anything!!!!

  93. cstironkat :

    I have heard alot about coconut oil and creams. I would to try these wonderful products. Thank you for the giveaway.

  94. llinda29 :

    Quality products are always wanted

  95. vboackle :

    i love body shop products.

  96. Dierdra :

    Great prize this would be a wonderful gift to myself! Hehe

  97. ScrewLucy :

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  98. Prissy :

    I love coconut! I would be so happy to try this.

  99. sarah :

    my feet are begging for some of this stuff.

  100. Katie :

    I'm drooling! This stuff looks amazing.
    katiekarr at gmail dot com

  101. Kelly :

    I love anything and everything coconut! I'd love to win. :)

    krtrumpet [at] aol [dot] com

  102. barbara :

    I LOVE The Body Shop! I have yet to find anything there that I don't like!

  103. Deanna G. :

    I love the body shop! Enter me please :)

  104. scloud3 :

    I love body butters and my sister has dry dry skin and we are always looking for stuff to help her

  105. her5boys :

    My skin would drink it up here in dry AZ. Count me in!

  106. Ken :

    My sister would love this collection. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  107. Bekki :

    YUM! rccanales AT yahoo DOT com

  108. yvette :

    UUUmmmmm coconut…thanks!

  109. Deb :

    I love the Body Shop but I haven't tried the coconut line and I'd really like to! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  110. Meg :

    I love love love the body shop! What a great giveaway!!!

  111. Anonymous :

    Wow, this sounds amazing – love The Body Shop! Thanks for the giveaway!

    luckymegs1981 AT yahoo DOT com

  112. Mimi the kitten :

    Thank you for the chance to win, and God bless you! (And, God bless the Body Shop for being cruelty-free to animals!)

  113. Vanessa :

    I've always wanted to try their body butter. It all looks so creamy and nice. Thanks for the chance!
    lostinthemission (at) yahoo (dot) com

  114. Anonymous :

    I love coconut and new body products! Thanks!

  115. Cynthya :

    I was at the Body Shop the other day and these smelled soooo good! Thanks for the chance to win.

  116. Sarah :

    Mmm, love coconut!

  117. iplaytrack1224 :

    Thanks 4 the giveaway!… =D

  118. L. K. :

    Love coconut scent and The Body Shop has great products. Nice giveaway!

    lmillitch at gmail dot com

  119. lsfish :

    Body Shop is great, love their products

  120. Anne :

    I havn't been there in forever! I hope I win! anne molino at hotmail dot com

  121. Jennifer, A Self-Confessed Foodie :

    This sounds fantastic. I love the smell of coconut! And so does my aunt, I'd have to share this with her!

    jlsemon at gmail dot com

  122. elkaye :

    The Body Shop makes some great products. Would love to try their coconut line of products soon. :)


  123. 2kidsblogger :

    I love The Body Shop – so many yummy scents!

    I'd love to win this prize, thanks for sponsoring this.


  124. courtneystoffel :

    I love coconut scented products. I bet these smell divine.

    hebert024 at aol dot com

  125. jennem :

    Coconut is so summery! Thanks for the chance.
    Jennifer, jennem22 at yahoo dot com

  126. Aisling :

    I'm really anxious to try some coconut oil products after reading so many good things about them. And I'm sure they smell absolutely marvelous too!

  127. dctm :

    Awesome giveaway!

    dctm at bellsouth dot net

  128. The Peterson Family :

    Who couldn't use a little coconutty love?

    Pick Me!

  129. Beejax :

    This is such a fabulous giveaway! I would absolutely love to win this!

  130. LindsayC :

    I love body shop products! I would be so happy to win this!

  131. julis55 :

    Oh wow! Love coconut oils and the body shop!! Count me in! My heels need it!!

  132. DEBIJOT :

    Great giveaway. Thanks

  133. GStix :

    Would love to win this. Thanks!

  134. Brandy :

    Sounds lovely!


  135. Danny :

    This would be such a great thing to win. It would make an awesome present!

  136. heaventrees :

    I love coconut scented products. They always remind me of trips to the beach and the Bahamas.

  137. Daybreaking Dickersons :

    My body loves the body shop. And it's in need of Body Shop products.

  138. Tuesday Girl :

    We LOVE the body shop in this house!

    tuesdayef At aol dot com

  139. Amanda K :

    I've spent the last eight months in and out of The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia with my son. My body needs some serious pampering!

    afarr04 {at} gmail {dot} com

  140. ssmina :

    my baby belly can use this

  141. Cjnedrow :

    I love the fragrance of coconut. It makes me feel as though I am in a tropical place. It would be great to win this!

  142. Happi Shopr :

    LOVE the body shop and the smell of coconut! trinitygsd at yahoo dot com

  143. Teresa :

    Ohhh This is a great prize. My sister has used these coconut products and loves them! I wish she would share! TRigell at aol dot com

  144. sachidewey :


  145. csue :

    I need something for dry hands & feet.

  146. skyxsky27 :

    My skins pretty bad, ugh.

  147. Jan :

    I would be so happy to win this! I could really use a little pick me up right now and getting this would definitely qualify!

  148. HistoryKef :

    I love the smell of coconut!

  149. Anonymous :

    Wow, this is a fabulous giveaway! Winning this would be so much fun. Thanks for the chance!!

    wildhrts [at] yahoo dot com

  150. Hil :

    i love me some coconut scented products, especially from the body shop!

  151. Mishia :

    I love coconut!

  152. spongewest :

    I love The Body Shop.

  153. neenee :

    i love all things coconut. hope i win. thanks!

  154. wendy :

    I love the body shop but it is getting hard to find their retail stores. They have the best smelling stuff around!

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  155. luckylucianie :

    The Body Shop makes the best body butters.

  156. Su-chu :

    would love to win this
    winsweepsdaily at gmail dot com

  157. kristelh :

    Wow, I would love to try these products! Thanks for the giveaway!

  158. adrian :

    Great giveaway-would be fun to try out all of the products.
    smilefest (at) yahoo (dot) com

  159. msrodeobrat :

    i love the body shop!

  160. ktanjatk :

    Count me in for this awesome prize!


  161. Tonya :

    I love coconut scented stuff! It always reminds me of sitting on the beach when I was little. Enter me too!