Getting a great custom suit made

customized suit

A custom made suit. Sounds like something for the jet setters, the rich and famous fabulous people who are not me and you, doesn’t it?  That’s what a custom suit sounds like; something I will never have made for me and mine, no matter how great they look on Justin Timberlake with his fancy moves and even fancier lady hair.  However as it turns out, if you’re in Utah, you too can be one of the fabulous people with a great suit designed and made just for you.

No, for serious.  This is a thing.  And you’re not even rich and famous! (okay, maybe you are, but keep reading)

custom suit fabric swatchesHere’s the lowdown: a company called Dress Code makes custom suits & shirts at a sweet price-point.  Dress Code does not have store fronts but they come to you with all the patterns and fabrics to design your own suit.  Reps are in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, pretty much all over the place.  Not cheap-o fall apart suits, not Nordstrom / Bloomingdale prices, a good $300-400 middle ground for a great suit.  Is it tricky getting one made for you, you ask?

I’m so glad you asked, because of course, the answer is no.

A style consultant comes to you wherever you are, at work or home, to discuss styles and fabrics for both shirts and suits, take measurements and design a custom made suit.  You might be steered in a style direction you’d never consider but everyone around you has been hoping you’d discover eventually, and it’s best to just give in and let the professionals do their work.  More measurements than you’ve ever dreamed possible are taken, lengths and points of collars are discussed, buttons are chosen, fabrics looked at and chosen, and in the end you walk away in a gorgeous suit made just for you and your quirky amazing body.  I’ve got a custom suit in the works, a summer suit if you will, and I can’t wait to show you how it turns out.

custom men's suit

Once your suit is made you may walk around town getting more compliments and head-tilts than you’re used to, but that’s all part of the deal.  You’ve got it made and you have a ‘suit guy’?

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  1. katrina :

    Michal description of yourself is classic! You crack me up. Too bad I don’t live closer to Utah, I’d get my hubby one of those ‘justin t. Suits’

    • Michal :

      Give them a call. They have reps that they send out all over the place. They’re pretty spread out all the way to Vegas and LA, New York. No store fronts. Just folks with patterns and measuring tapes.