fun halloween party ideas.

Here are some fun Halloween party ideas from Amy Turn Sharp’s guest post last Fall. Enjoy! {{from the archives}}

I want to throw an amazing Halloween party next year! I am waiting till my youngest is two and will be into it a bit more, but I want it to be traditional and old school!

I love going to parties and I appreciate all the effort that parents put into making things just so, but sometimes I like a party where there is an old galvanized tub full of apples and the kids can dunk their heads and be very unsanitary and have a blast! Right!? I want to throw one like that. Here are some cool ideas for a traditional Halloween party!

*Pumpkin seed spitting contest – Cut the top off a pumpkin and hve kids race to see who can “gut” it first. Remove seeds. Give kids five seeds and see how many seeds they can spit into the pumpkin in a line!

*Bob for apples/Apples tied from trees

*Costume Contest and parade

*Haunted House/Shed/Room

*Haunted graham cracker houses and design yr own cupcakes?

* Here are some old fashioned ideas from Martha Stewart!

Do you guys have any ideas for great Halloween party games/prizes/activities? I will post all of them on my last day guest blogging! Please leave a tip!

One more thing:

Now, I love old school and the way it was, but as a mom one thing I do freak out a bit over is the sheer amount of candy that a child gets over the week of Halloween. (My husband and I ate so so much last year too!) What about candy trade in ideas? Do you have a candy station? A candy fairy? What do you think about this? Here is a sweet book I found on the subject!

all photos via the divine Martha Stewart website

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  1. Debbie Barr :

    I'm afraid I don't have any ideas on how to deal with the candy situation. :/ However, I am giving out glow stick bracelets this year, mostly just for a little extra fun, and to make the trick-or-treaters more visible. But my husband is insisting we still give out candy. Probably so he can sneak some of the extras. ;)

    Love the "classic" party ideas, too!

  2. Pineapple Princess :

    I'm so in love with your blog! Love it!!!

  3. Kourtne :

    A Halloween party is not complete without a cake walk. I love doing it with classic Halloween music and cupcakes. Also, I love doing guessing jars (usually full of candy). You could fill them with spiders or toys instead of candy. Last year we bought a HUGE pumpkin and had the guests guess the weight to win it.

  4. Brian and Natalie :

    I love eating donuts hanging off of a string without using your hands. That's a family Halloween classic.

    oh! And we go through all the Halloween candy the next day and pick out the stuff that would still be good in a month to put on gingerbread houses (hard candy, licorice, smarties, etc). That all gets put in a community gingerbread bank and the kids keep the rest.

  5. Jessi :

    We went to an awesome Halloween party last night. They put SO MUCH work into it, but everyone there had tons of fun. The thing my kids liked the best was the haunted maze they set up in their basement. It was just scary enough to keep you on your toes, but not bloody or gorey. (Floating ghosts, crazy man in jail, bats & spiders…) Good luck with your party next year!