Fun birthday celebrations for you!

Birthdays are a big deal where I come from {Utah Valley thankyouverymuch} but in Viktor’s family they merit little more than a greeting card.  All the love falls on your patron Saint day in the {original} Czarnecki household.  When we were in college Viktor would have a huge mail day somewhere in September wherein he received the entire contents of a party store, but on his actual birthday not so much.

I took the reins on that one as soon as our households merged because my mom rocked. the. house. on birthdays.  She recently told me that it was the only day of the year where we got all the attention as kids, {I’m one of 8 kids} so she gave it all she had.

fun birthday celebrations for you

I came home from the 5th grade on my birthday to a maze of yarn spanning the entire family room and kitchen.  My mother literally spent the entire afternoon with my older siblings creating a labyrinth of yarn with treats at every end for me and all my giggly friends to unravel at the beginning of my party.

I wish I had photos because it was the coolest thing my mom ever did for me.

birthday celebrations for you

I pretty much blew Viktor’s mind the first time I threw a birthday party for him, and when I spent the entire day decorating and preparing party games for Precocious’ 1st birthday party he knew it was game over.  But Precocious’ birthday is also on ALL SAINTS DAYwinning!  Double celebrations from both sides of the family for that kid!  She always has been the smartest in the bunch.

When Charming turned one he ate his ENTIRE birthday cake in one sitting;  I had to whip up a new cake for the birthday party guests during the party, but I didn’t even care because guess what?  On your birthday you make the rules at my house.  You want to eat your whole cake?  No problem, I’ll make you a new one.  Your day is all about you, and you, and you.

birthday celebrations for you

The bottom line is this: life is hard, birthdays come once a year, and life is short so CELEBRATE every chance you get.


life is a special occasion

I’m so excited to be partnering again with Hallmark in 2012 as part of their “Life Is a Special Occasion” campaign. As always all stories, opinions, and naughty children are my own.

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  1. RookieMom Heather :

    Yes yes yes!! My mom was the same in that regard. I have all the enthusiasm but I lack a little in the execution department.

    • Allison :

      Love good moms, don’t we? The execution is exhausting, and some years we go to the jump place and call it good, but the feeling is the same.

  2. Jenni Bailey :

    I love this! Especially the cake and candles right in the pan. My mother in law does it that way, too, and I think it is so sweet and homey.

    I try to make a big deal in a small way for birthdays. Like, maybe we only have 10 guests but each one has a very important moment and a rad goody bag by the end of the party.

    • Allison :

      It’s all about the homey isn’t it? There’s no better way. Unless mama is tired, then donuts will do.

  3. Melissa K. in Nebraska :

    New reader here… Your posts make me smile which usually lasts a few hours or so. Two in one day (I didn’t read yesterday’s post until this morning) and I’m good til the end of the work day. Thanks!

    • Allison :

      Melissa, you just made ME smile, which will last well into tomorrow, so THANK YOU.

  4. Kalli :

    sweetest boy, I love him

    • Allison :

      GAH. Those boys. Yours too.

  5. Kristen :

    I’m coming to your house on my birthday!!

  6. Amy Hackworth :

    I love this post, Allison. YOU’RE a great mom. And I can’t help but feel a lot like Kristen. I’d love to come over on MY birthday.

  7. Dottie :

    This made me smile ear to ear! My little girlie’s birthday is coming up and you are inspiring me to make it even bigger!

    And I just remember you telling me about your rockstar mom who worked and had eight kids and is your hero. Here’s to awesome mamas!

  8. Kerry :

    I agree! My mom always made a big deal, too. When I turned 16, she started a new tradition of having a little chocolate cheesecake waiting on the kitchen table the morning of my birthday. We would have a little slice together before anyone else got up. Once I moved away, we just make sure we do it one morning whenever I’m visiting :)

  9. Carol :

    For all the birthdays he missed, HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIKTOR!!!!!

  10. Carina :