Friday news roundup + why work life balance is crap

pumpkin cream pie with white chocolate on top

It’s Friday, Friday FRIDAY and time for another Friday news roundup.  We made it to the end of the week together and now you and I can all sleep/drink/party ourselves into oblivion.  Maybe we’ll run around to little league soccer games, till up the garden beds, do a little Christmas shopping?  I don’t know what floats your boat but sleep + Sherlock float mine (the Cumberbatch version, obvs).  This weekend you’ll find me at a swim meet for my kids (where else?) and putting up Christmas decorations (I know, I caved).  We’re also planning to introduce the kids to the glory of Waking Ned Devine for our weekly Saturday night movie.  Have you seen that movie?  Please say yes.  If not, scurry off somewhere to find and watch it asap-like because it’s absolutely the best.

This week was insane, (aren’t they all?) and there’s so much news to share!  So much! You’ll be hungry by the end of this post so if you didn’t come prepared, go grab a slice of pie to tamp down the hunger pains; we’ll wait.

Ready? Let’s go!

gluten free cornbread


Friday News Roundup

  • I write a weekly column for Disney’s Babble, and this week I felt especially soap-box-y about the elusive work/life balance.  (hint: I call B.S.)
  • Speaking of parenting, my friend Jessica had something to say about the possibility of being a parenting expert if you only have one child.  It caused quite the kerfuffle over on Yahoo! and I’d love to hear what you think.
  • Also parenting expert Christine (it’s a legit title, she’s written a parenting book, yo) recently collaborated on a really cool project called The Family Dinner Project (FDP), a grassroots movement aimed at making dinner awesome, fun, and full of sharing.  As someone who’s trying really hard to sit down for dinner with my family at least a few times every week, I love this.  Check it out for some great tips + fabulous printables like the one below.


Thanksgiving place cards


  • The super cool magazine to & from featured my favorite holiday picks for moms in their most recent holiday issue.  It’s a gorgeous magazine full of really lovely gift ideas and I’m thrilled to have been featured.
  • I’m full of thanks this time of year, like I am every Thanksgiving.  I love making lists of gratitude and in an effort to help the kids understand all the things they have to be grateful for we make an annual Thanksgiving Gratitude Tree.  I’m can’t wait to make one next week.
  • There’s a super fun Kickstarter right now called The Jane Game: A Jane Austen Trivia Board Game which might be ecstasy for your Jane Austen fan friends.  Help get it funded and you can legitimately fantasize about Mr. Darcy year-round.


jane austen game


  • My friend Jane always puts up an annual Thanksgiving Menu along with tips for preparing food ahead of time so you can enjoy the big day.  Go take a peek.
  • Lindsey made the Best Tasting GF Holiday Stuffing Recipe, ever.  Of all time.  Make it for Thanksgiving and The Celiacs in your life (it’s a new sub-population, The Celiacs) will love you forever.
  • In case the Lindsey’s stuffing recipe doesn’t tickle your fancy, make her recipe for Layered White Chocolate Pumpkin Cream Pie.  You will win the hearts of everyone you ever meet, in the whole wide world, of all time.
  • Unless of course, I decide to make Mashed Sweet Potatoes instead.  I just might, since I got two huuuuuuge sweet potatoes in my CSA basket this week. Or I might save those bad boys for carb-loading my kids for the swim meet next weekend.  I like to mix it up.
  • If, like me you seat the short people away from the tall ones at Thanksgiving you’ll probably want to make a Thanksgiving kids table.  Keeping the riffraff out and all that.
  • My lover from another mother Joy the Baker made her Dad’s Sweet Potato Pie.  DUDE.  It looks so amazing I think I’m making and taking it to my mother’s house for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Here’s a craft to teach you how to make napkin rings for the big kid table.  Hopefully no one seated at the aforementioned table will rip/suck/chew on or unravel these, because they’re adorable.
  • Speaking of Making and Taking, my bloggy-BFF Marie has a leg up on the holidays with 10 Advent Calendars for Kids.  Thanksgiving break might be an A+ time to get on that business.
  • Also ahead of the game (as usual) Tracy has a whole collection of awesome black + white cocktail dresses for the holidays.  So pretty.


mashed sweet potatoes

That’s the news from lake wobeg…. just kidding.  That’s the news from me and mine this week.  Have a great weekend, I’ll see you right back here on Monday morning, bright and early.  Just kidding about the early part.

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