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I’m kind of dying for Summer to get here already, aren’t you?  Maybe not, some people even hate Summer.  Whaaaak?  Weird, I know.

waterpark pass
But that’s not important, this is: I have in my possession for the Utahns, water park pass giveaway tickets to Cowabunga Bay.  Do you know the place?  It’s the one in Draper right off the freeway.  The one the kids beg and plead and cry about while you’re stuck in traffic on I-15 on your way home from IKEA, because all you want in life is a functioning bedside lamp and some cute napkins.


Here’s the deal:  Cowabunga Bay (aka the-one-off-the-freeway-in-Draper-the-kids-beg-and-cry-about) is kicking off the start of Summer vacation in Utah by hosting two preview night parties for only $6.99 a person.  Serious.  NEXT WEEK Monday May 21st and Friday May 25th tickets are under $7/person from 5:00 – 8:00 P.M.  Tickets are normally $16.95 yo.  And if you’re like me you might want to slap two slices of pizza and a drink on top of that for only $4.  Word.  Also cool, if you have a family of 5 or more the 6th ticket is free!  Guys the math adds up, and this is a slammin’ deal.  Plus it’s supposed to be in the 90’s next week so this is really the time to get the kids off your back already.


And now for the breakdown:
  • tickets are limited so you’ll want to grab some a to the sap
  • tickets are only $6.99/person for Monday or Friday
  • add some food on top of that for only $4 – dinner!
  • it’s going to be in the 90’s next week – heat makes for whiny kids
  • use promo code elefant to buy tickets for both Summer Preview nights
summer water park

BUT WAIT, there’s more!  For a limited time only I have 2 packs of 5 water park tickets to give away!  If you act now the passes can be used any time this Summer at Cowabunga Bay.

Giveaway Details:

  • to enter leave a comment on this post telling me how you feel about Summer, or what is also known as the greatest season of all the seasons of the seasonals
  • one entry per household, multiple entries will be disqualified
  • two winners will be chosen, each will receive a pack of 5 tickets
  • like’ Petit Elefant on Facebook to get an extra entry
  • subscribe to Petit Elefant to get one extra entry
  • giveaway ends next Friday May 25th, 2012 at midnight MDT, winner will be announced Monday May 28th at the top of this post

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  1. Colleen :

    Summer is the best! Fireworks, picnics, long days, popsicles, what’s not to love?

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  4. Stacey M. :

    Growing up in Arizona, summer was not my favorite time. However, now that I’ve lived in a couple different places that don’t make me want to run away for those months, there are actually things to enjoy. Who knew?! Picnics, hikes, fireworks, long days, cool nights, the list goes on.

  5. Stacey M. :

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  7. lori vw :

    Love summer. Can’t wait to slow down the morning routine. I like you on facebook. I subscribe. Pick me

  8. Beth :

    This summer…means play. Last summer we did nothing because I was so sick. This summer = play. Play hard and do something every day…visit places in Utah to make up
    For the slacker summer last year. I feel I owe it to my kids.

  9. pam :

    Water parks are a slice of heaven! I already like you. Oh, and I like you on Facebook…like forever ago. Plus, I follow your blogtastic blog.

  10. Heidi :

    My kids would love to go!

  11. Heidi :

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  12. Cathy :

    I’m one of the weirdos who hate summer. Blech.

  13. Cathy :

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  15. Melissa :

    I love, love summer!

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  18. Emily :

    Whats not to like? Sunshine, popcicles, swimming, BBQ’s, fireworks and boating!

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  20. Emily :

    I subscribed to you!

  21. Kandis :

    I love summer! I just graduated from law school and my body is in need of some serious vitamin D. Plus, my nieces and nephews would think I was the coolest aunt ever if I took them.

  22. Sheila Atwood :

    Utah is great for the change of seasons. I like summer best, we can get out and go for hikes and visit a whole plethora of state parks. We always manage to get in at least one day of fishing each week.

  23. Kalli :

    Hit me.

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    And all of that other stuff

  26. Jen M :

    LOVE summer! Sunshine, swimming, lazy days are the best!

  27. Jen M :

    I like you on facebook

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    I subscribe on google reader

  29. Allison Arsenault :

    Allison you are awesome. My kids love this place. And my 5 year old has been asking me since…oh….about last September when it was opening again so that we could go. She will be so excited that it is opening this week! But wait….that means I no longer have an excuse not to be able to take her. Crap. We had better go……this week!

  30. the emily :

    My husband is DYING to try that water park. We moved away from Utah last year but are going up to visit for two weeks starting Memorial Day and this is at the top of our list!

  31. Judy H :

    I get so sad during winter. It’s such a waste of time! I love being outdoors and being warm.

  32. kelley {mountain mama cooks} :

    I have to say, I love all the seasons which is one of the greatest things about living in Utah in my book. I love to ski and I love the summers, it’s a win!!

  33. Catherine :

    I love when google finds me a good blog! I’m enjoying reading yours! Summer is not my favorite season, however, I enjoy it more now with kids. I look forward to finding fun things for them to do and getting them worn out so they’ll sleep well at night! This place looks amazing!

  34. Catherine :


  35. Catherine :

    Liked on FB!

  36. Heidi E :

    I have to say that the thought of summer has always brought me some joy and excitement. First, as a child I never cared much for school and couldn’t wait till it ended. Summer time meant sleeping in (which I love) and playing outside all day and into the wee hours. I grew up in Washington and the summer days stay light until 10:00 at night. I loved the freedom and absence of a strict routine that existed during the school year. Those childhood summers mostly consisted of being outside playing in the woods, watching my brother and his friends build bike jumps, build forts, tree swings, and playing war. The real “old fashioned” type of summertime play. Fast forward to now with my own young kids. I still get that feeling of joy and excitement as summer gets close and the school year comes to an end. I still look forward to sleeping in, staying outside late into the evening, and having a laid back schedule. But now I get to spend all that free time with my kids and teach them about playing outside away from t.v and electronics and entertainment. I love it! Can’t wait for it really. :)

  37. Stacia :

    Summer is now my favorite since we’ve moved to N. Arizona. (In Houston it was my 4th favorite) I want to barbecue and have windows open and kids peeing in the sandbox.

  38. Shannon :

    I like Petit Elefant on Facebook.

  39. Shannon :

    I love feeling the warm sun on my face and doing all sorts of fun things with my husband and kids. Swimming, hiking, planting and harvesting vegetables, riding bikes, eating snowcones, going to soccer tournaments and going on vacation!

  40. Ashlee :

    I love having my kids home from school. I miss them during the year and I love the simple pleasure of them being home. just playing wii, cooking together, playing in the spinklers, etc.. as well as the big stuff- water parks, water-skiing, camping, family vacations, etc… now if only my husbands work would agree to a summer break too life would be perfect!

  41. Audrey M. :

    I’m excited for camping!

  42. LV :

    I love summer! I love the sunshine and warmth and water!

  43. Audrey M. :

    I subscribe :)

  44. Audrey M. :

    I like you on FB :)