fashion on the streets of new york city.

At some point I’ll stop talking about New York City; stay with me until then. I just have a lot to get out of my system first, not the least of which is all the fashion I absorbed in my short time there.

I had an idea before I got on the plane to head east; I thought to myself how cool it would be to take photos of everyday people heading to and from work, parties, and school in the city and then re-construct their outfits on the cheap. First the photos, then I’ll deconstruct in another post.

I just snapped photos wherever I went, asking people if they would mind if I took a picture of their cute outfit. People were wary at first, but I think most of us are narcissists at heart; it didn’t take much prodding to get people posing.

*Bold & Beautiful*

This foxy mama is a perfect example of wearing what works for you and rocking it in your own way.

Would I ever wear this dress? No. But it was perfect on her and she loved showing it off. We each have our own style and we shouldn’t be afraid to show it.

*Office Casual*

I loved this simple dress & slide on sandals. Especially since it was really hot out with around 800% humidity, give or take.

*NYC Chic*

You see how different all these outfits are? This is something I couldn’t pull off but I love it anyway. This woman looks a lot like Audrey McClelland from the back. Audrey, is that you?

*Grad School Casual*

This adorable NYU student was a perfect example of everyday chic. Not trying too hard and perfectly appropriate for the weather and occasion {reading a book on the sidewalk of Madison Avenue}.

*Biker Chic*

Even if I wouldn’t wear this much black daily, it’s pretty cute.

*East Village on a Saturday Night*

There’s a lot going on with this outfit, but I love the flower. That’s really a statement accessory if I’ve ever seen one. Still, it fits her, right?

*Bohemian Chic*

This cute girl was trying on the white wrap top & wasn’t totally convinced. I managed to talk her into it. She had a really cool bohemian vibe with her clothes; aren’t her sandals fabulous?

*Girlfriend Casual*

These two girlfriends couldn’t stop laughing long enough for me to take their picture; they thought it was hilarious that I loved what they were wearing. I’m calling this one *effortless chic*. They don’t look like they were trying too hard when they walked out the door that morning, but boy howdy are they cute.

*Two Tall Girls in a Hotel Ballroom*

This photo has nothing to do with anything. Actually Kristen has great style, she looks amazing every time I see her & is one of the few women who makes me feel short every next to her {she’s 5’11”, I’m 5’9″}.

I had to include it though, two tall women in one photo is stylish enough for a post about fashion on the streets of New York City.

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  1. Alison :

    I love your photos and just needed to say… Yay for tall girls!! (I'm 5'11"). I am loving all of the flats the women are wearing.

  2. Tiffany :

    I love these looks! What a great idea!

  3. jen :

    so fun to see what everyone else is wearing way over there on the other side of the nation – great post.

  4. Petit Elefant :


    Yay for tall girls indeed! I'm finding the older I get, the more friends I have that are tall. Go figure. I still wear a heel on a regular occasion though. ;)


    Aren't they fun? Thank you!

    jen c. smith,

    It's amazing how different it is a country away isn't it?

  5. Naomi :

    Feeling even shorter now… sigh.

  6. Petit Elefant :


    I've spent my whole life wishing I were short, so I figure now it's time to embrace it. You're an extremely cute short person if it's any consolation.

  7. Jenny :

    I read somewhere recently that short people should wear kitten heels. Do you know how NOT TALL that would make me?

  8. Azúcar :

    Check you out–you're the Sartorialist! Love it!

  9. :

    Ali- I love your photos of the new york ladies! What a good idea- way to go! Love, Mom

  10. Petit Elefant :


    I think that's terrible advice! Short people should wear shoes that make them look like girls of *ill repute*. Just my thoughts.


    Yes, but for real people. Real moms, actually.


    Thanks mom, I didn't know you read my blog!


    I know right? Everyone has great shoes, but a lot of them had the ugly tennis shoes they used to walk around town tucked in their purses. And thank you, I'm bold like that.

  11. Amanda :

    What a neat way to show people that they can pull off any look if they find the right clothes.

    Don't you just love people watching sometimes?!

  12. Nancy :

    I love how everyone is wearing totally cute shoes, even though they probably walk everywhere they go. And I love how you had the guts to ask total strangers to take their pics, very cool.

  13. Marie {Make and Takes} :

    Love this! Get me New York. I guess that's what it's going to take if I want to feel stylish. I'd love to see a fashion post from Utah. Actually, that would be a good post, "If you dig hard enough, there IS fashion in SLC"!

  14. Petit Elefant :


    I could people watch all day, especially when it comes to people. Disneyland is PERFECT for that.


    Great idea! Let's hit Gateway sometime soon with the camera.

  15. Mom101 :

    Love these shots! Although Audrey has way better arms than that chick.