Frequently asked questions:

#1- What’s the deal with the elephants?

Well, I’ve always loved the image of a mama elephant leading a baby elephant by the trunk across the deserts of Africa.  You know the one, right?  The mama is trudging along and there’s a little baby elephant in her wake holding on tight to her tail.  I thought the image was very appropriate for me as a mother, leading my babies into the world.

When I first started the blog I asked my good friend and graphic designer Alma Loveland to come up with a header for me.  I told her what I wanted and she came back to me with this:



She also re-designed a header for me when I re-designed the blog.  I wanted to spruce it up a bit, make it a little more chic and she got the job done beautifully.

#2- Okay, so there are elephants, what do they have to do with anything?

Nothing really.  Initially Petit Elefant was a lot about baby & kids and the products and things that make them happy, but as it has evolved into more of a family lifestyle blog, it still applies.  I’m still a mama, and even though babies aren’t the focus of my life anymore, my children still are.

#3- And it’s called Petit Elefant and not Little Elephant or Petite Elephant because?

Look at it.  Doesn’t Petit Elefant look so much more sophisticated and elegant than Little Elephant?  Petite Elephant just looks ugly.

#4- So you don’t even speak French?

Not a word.

#5- So this is a website about?

Everything.  I’m not just a fashion blogger, or a travel writer, or a crafting mama, I’m a lot more than that.  Anything in my life that’s relevant gets blogged about.  That’s why I can call it a Lifestyle Blog.  Family, home, style and travel.  Mostly.

#6- Is there any organization to speak of on this website?

Totally.  In fact I have a schedule I stick to most of the time.

Monday: Style

Tuesday: Home

Wednesday: D.I.Y./Craft

Thursday: Style

Friday: Travel

#7- So it’s organized, but I still can’t find some of the old posts I love from back in the day.  What’s up with that?

When I did a complete re-design and move to WordPress a lot of stuff got shuffled around.  A lot of posts are under the wrong category right now, but they’re all still there.  Somewhere.  If you can’t find something you’re searching for, type it in the search box and see if you can find it.  If not, email me and I’ll see if I can dig it up for you.  In the meantime, I’m hurrying to get everything where it needs to be.

Have fun reading!


  1. ide cara :

    Hi Allison, how to leave comments on your post? i’m really love to read and give my opinion too. thaks.

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  2. Annie Morrison :

    I would love to follow your blog, how do I do this?

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  3. susan good :

    Would love to subscribe to blog by email but can’t figure out how. My email is :pescadita1975@yahoo.com Thanks so much!
    Susan Good

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  4. Kate :

    Same question as above:

    I too would love to subscribe to your blog via email. I would also like to know when follow up messages have been posted.


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  5. Stella :

    Your honey and oil mask sounds great! Most hair masks are complicated with lots of ingredients.
    Can’t wait to use the hair mask!
    P.S. Do you have pinterest? If yes I would love to follow you!

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