Europe by the numbers


1. Years Viktor and I have been saving our pennies to go to Europe: 10

2. Anniversary we’ll celebrate in Prague: 13

3. Number of children traveling with us: 2

4. Number of animals we’re leaving behind: 2

5. Hours it takes to travel to Warsaw from S.L.C.:  SIXTEEN

S.L.C.- New York City: 4 hoursNew York City- Paris: 10 hours, 30 minutes Paris-Warsaw: 1 hour, 30 minutes


6. Total travel time before we arrive at the family’s apartment in Warsaw: over 24 hours

7. Number of days in Warsaw I’ll spend in bed reading a trashy novel after we land: 2

8. Skullcandy headphones packed: 4

9. Pairs of shoes packed for me: 3, ONLY THREE

10. Number of Delta Sky-miles I’ll acquire on the way to and from Europe: a lot


11. Number of hours until we leave: 12

12. Number of hours I plan on sleeping from N.Y.C. to Paris: 10 hours, 30 minutes

13. Outfits I wanted to pack: 15

14. Outfits I actually packed: 5

15. Pieces of luggage we’re taking with us, including carry-ons: 7


16. Amount of hours I will be available by cellphone in Europe: NONE

17. Number of seats in a row in the middle of the airplane the Czarnecki family will occupy: 4

18. Number of bicker/slap fest/meltdown fights we’ll have in 24+ hours of travel: 24 minimum

19. Time spent dreaming of Europe: 33 1/2 years

20. Time on the ground in Warsaw, Prague, Budapest, Vienna: 3+ weeks


Catch you on the flip side.

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  1. emma :

    3+ weeks sounds amazing & so worth the other 19 items on the list ;)

  2. Qui :

    Yay! Have fun.
    My husband and I dream of visiting Europe one day.
    Seems impossible right now, but you give me hope!
    I look forward to your posts about your trip.
    You’re gonna post about it, right?!
    safe travels ~

  3. Donna :

    I can’t believe you’re traveling so frugally, clothing wise! And only 3 shoes. I’m not quite sure how you managed that. I guess you’ll need to buy some over there. Have a good time!!!

  4. Emily :

    Yeah, yeah, yeah! I’m SO excited for you! I’m impressed you only packed three pairs of shoes and five outfits. :) You should make another post like this after your trip with number of pictures you took, how many European chocolates you ate, and other fun tidbits. :) Have a GREAT time!!

  5. Liz Lemon :

    WAY TO GO ALLISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Kj :

    I haven’t been to Poland or Hungary, but Vienna is magnificent. So beautiful. I’m so happy for you.

  7. Heather :


  8. Lillian Hoyt :

    Hi Allison, I found your blog through a friend. Is your maiden name by chance Aagard? If so, I went to Cherry Hill with you. If not, disregard :)

    • Stacia :

      Lillian – you got it right – nice to see you here. I really enjoy Allison’s blog. I hope you do too.

  9. Kelly :

    Hey – what are your plans for Vienna? I live there now and can recommend a few things –

    Definitely visit the Spanish riding school morning exercises. Cheaper than the show and you get a feeling for what goes into training the horses. Schonbrunn and Naschmarkt for lunch, of course. And try the Haus Der Musik – It’s a fun, interactive music museum and has a section on famous composers….

  10. Kami :

    Have a blast!

    I declare vacation!! :)

  11. Heather B. :

    I can’t believe you’re leaving so soon! Have fun. Lots of love and safe travels! xo

  12. Alicia W. :

    Love the photo of Charming at the end. What a cutie.

  13. Cher :

    Have a great time. We have taken our daughter to Europe several times. I have found it helpful if you can to get a hotel with a pool for the kids. Take a million pictures because you wont regret any of them.

  14. Kim at the Beehive Blog :

    WOOHOO! I am so jealous but so excited for you and your family! have a BLAST!

  15. jyl johnson pattee :

    So super excited for you. Enjoy the trip of a lifetime. Seriously can’t wait to chat with you when you’re back.

    Fun pst BTW!


  16. Marie :

    Hope you’re having so much fun! What a great way to spend an anniversary, I didn’t realize you’d be celebrating it there.

  17. Katrina :

    I hope it is everything you want it to be and MORE!

  18. Silvia :

    Waw great! Coming to Budapest also. I live there. Would love to see a post about Budapest on this blog!