Epic Lip Sync Battles Are My Guilty Pleasure

I’ll just put this out there: epic lip sync battles are my new guilty pleasure. In case you aren’t familiar with this viral sensation, they started out as a segment on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and have since exceeded all expectations. Guests like Will Ferrel, Blake Shelton, and Emma Stone brought down the house, as does Jimmy Fallon himself on more than one occasion. Seriously guys, it’s some pretty hysterically funny stuff. Emma Stone kills it in this episode here, but the Will Ferrel and Kevin Hart episode was also a riot.

And it just got better. Jimmy pitched his idea for an entire show just for lip sync battles, and NBC rejected it. Spike TV however (I know, I know) has taken it up and I can’t stop watching. Please don’t judge me. LL Cool J is the host, Chrissy Teigen is the eye candy, and the contestants are tearing it up. Anne Hathaway vs. Emily Blunt! Dwaye Johnson (“The Rock”) vs. Jimmy Fallon!  I can’t decide if it’s comedy or talent show, but I don’t really care. It’s one show my husband and I pull up via our streaming service and binge on together, without thinking too much. There’s something about watching Dwayne Johnson fake his way through “Shake It Off” that’s good for the soul. Same goes for Emily Blunt doing “No Diggity” or John Legend doing “U Can’t Touch This” or John Krasinsky doing some classic Tina Turner vs. Anna Kendrick doing J Lo.

You’re welcome, yo.

And now you know why I can’t stop watching. I suspect the landscape of middle school talent shows is forever changed. As a side note, I wanted to describe these battles as “wholesome” entertainment, but it wouldn’t be a totally accurate description, what with the occasional gesture or gyration, just FYI.

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