Easy Valentine Pin Craft

Valentine Pin CraftYears ago, I made a Valentine for my hubby. Something fun and silly, but also a little expression of love, that he could keep with him all day long. So I made him a super quick little Valentine pin, a crafty little boutonnière. It was a hit, and he did wear it all day long and he keeps it pinned on his bulletin board in his office year round. I followed suit with smaller versions for my little boys. It only takes 4 supplies and takes about 5 minutes.

Valentie Pin Craft All you need to complete this little trinket is probably in your craft bin right this second. Scraps work perfectly. Gather up the following:

Craft felt


Tiny safety pins (best for children) or large decorative straight pin

Craft scissors

Valentine Pin CraftSince I was making mine for men and little men, I went with red felt and blue ribbons with a bit of a striped edge. Still valentine-y, but not too frilly. If you are making your for girls, go crazy with pinks and ruffles and tulle and all good stuff. Get original–grey hearts with red polka dot ribbon? Totally cute. Pink hearts with ruffled edges and red gingham ribbon? Go for it.

Simply cut a little heart shape out of your felt. The large one is about 4 1/2 inches, which makes it extra fun, the smaller ones are about 2 1/2 inches. Make them as large or as small as you like.

Valentine Pin CraftMake two small vertical slits near the center of the heart. Cut your ribbon to a suitable length–it should extend all the way across your heart and over the sides about an inch. Now just weave the ribbon through each of the slits, like an arrow, see? you can go over or under first, but I prefer going under so that the ribbon reaches across the front of the heart and hides the safety pin. Notch the ends of the ribbon.

Fix the safety pin to the back of the heart, and pin it on your little sweetheart! My boys actually do wear these on Valentine’s day. Sometimes one feels bashful and asks me to pin it inside his jacket instead of on the front of his shirt, but he wears it just the same.

Valentine Pin CraftThis Valentine pin craft is also a fun one to do with kids. They can make them for special friends or teachers, or for their mamas and daddies. Love on, friends.

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