Easy Stylish Summer Outfit for You

Summer is almost here!  Summer is the best time, of all the times in the whole long years in my life.  That whole sentence sounded like gobbledygook which isn’t a real word but spell-check just allowed it, so who am I to judge?

Before we even really get started though, I want to apologize to those of you in the southern hemisphere.  Just bookmark this post and save it for next year, and then when I’m layering and freezing and miserable, you will be able to to giggle and feel superior.

Basically, it’s win-win.

Easy Stylish Summer Outfit


Back to the point at hand: SUMMER.  Summer is the greatest season of all (to some) but I find it a bit tricky to dress for.  Fall and Winter are a little easier for style because you just layer, and layer, and throw a scarf on top, and no one will ever even know you’re wearing your pajamas underneath your huge, long woolen coat because of the 15 layers on top.  It’s just the way it is, and there’s no help for it.

Summer, however, leaves you naked and open to the world (physically and maybe metaphorically).  Sometimes it’s trickier to dress for Summer because it’s hot and clothes feel a little optional in the sticky, oppressive heat (I still love you, Summer!). So, how does one manage to look stylish and un-rumpled during the long, hot Summer days?  I’m here to tell you:

basic single layers and strategic, awesome accessories

That’s the long and short of it, friends.

Check out the components of this stylish outfit:

  • loose, breezy tank
  • shorts
  • sandals
  • necklace
  • simple stud earrings
  • ring
  • watch (optional, but stylish)
  • sunglasses
  • light purse (also optional, but crazy adorable)

With only 2 pieces of actual clothing and a pair of sandals, you’re ready to get out and go party it up all Summer long.  Seriously.  I’m an accessory freak, because we all know accessories can make or break an outfit, and can be super inexpensive if you look in all the right places (Forever 21 + Charlotte Russe are my go-to’s for super cheap, trendy accessories).  All the pieces of this outfit can be sourced for way less money, if you’re like me and looking to spend all your cash on music concerts and pool passes.

What do all of you wear during the Summer?  Do you keep it simple or do you dial up the style no matter what the season?


LA Made green top

Miss Selfridge flat shoes

Michael Kors watch

Monica Vinader stackable ring
$245 – liberty.co.uk

Mink Pink black sunglasses
$46 – enhanceu.com.au




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