Dressing up for Fall

Sadly this post isn’t about fashion, but I’ll get to that later, don’t you worry.

A few weeks ago I wandered into the garage looking for all my Fall + Halloween decorations, and would you like to know what happened?  I discovered that Viktor had gotten rid of all my decorations.  He donated it all stuff to D.I.!  {that’s a local thrift store}  I wasn’t super happy about that, not one bit, but I took action.

I usually do.

fall decorating

What Viktor didn’t count on is the fact that I’d have to shop to replace it all.  One can’t go into the Fall season without a few little touches in the house, can they?

Well maybe One can, but I cannot.


I headed to Michael’s and Joann‘s, using every coupon in my arsenal to refill my stash.

fall decorations

I’m obsessed with all things glass, especially for my mantelpiece, so I just grabbed a few of my more favorite pieces and filled them with fall decor.  The cake stand is filled with real white mini pumpkins, which will last well past Thanksgiving.  The big glass jar on my coffee table is filled with adorable little gourds in all shapes and sizes, and the wreath I told you about adorns the front door.

fall decor

This big fat pumpkin {made of I know not} sits in the middle of my mantlepiece among all the glass jars in my house.

What kind of decorator are you?  Do you go all out, orange and black all over the house, or you a little more simple like me?

I forget how much I love Fall every year in anticipation of a miserable Winter!


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  1. Melissa :

    If Chris tried to throw out my decorations, he’d find I don’t have any! I’m avoiding shopping for holiday decor until the dreamy day we own a home. We have a skeleton painting (by yours truly) that I proudly hang in my bedroom year round, so naturally when halloween comes, my job of decorating is done!

    • Allison :

      Ooh, skeleton painting! Love that.

  2. Dina :

    I tend to do primarily Fall themed decorations from mid to late September until just after thanksgiving. A few Halloween touches are added but most everything is good until Christmas decorating goes full force. Love the minis on the cake stand!

    • Allison :

      I’m the same way Dina, I enjoy the neutral themed stuff way more than Halloween specific. Lasts longer that way!

  3. kelleyn :

    Love the idea of the pumpkins on the cake stand, but I am dying to know how did he end up donating your stuff to DI. My hubby would be in so much trouble. On the upside, maybe it was time for some fresh new ideas.

    • Allison :

      Apparently I didn’t spend enough time in the garage this summer, and Viktor tossed it all when he cleaned it out. Bother.

  4. Rik :

    I have a Halloween tree and a few tea light holders on my piano, but I honestly don’t like them anymore! I’ve had them out for a couple of weeks and I’m so sick of them. I think I’ll give them to the thrift store after Halloween this year. I don’t know why I got them, but next year I will definitely stick to a “fall” theme instead. It’s more my style anyway. I love your mini pumpkins!! So cute.

    • Allison :

      I say it’s time for a toss and some new decorations!