Dotted Animal Easter Eggs


animal easter eggs titleDon’t you just love coloring Easter eggs? I do, though I prefer to stay away from food dye (I only like liquid art supplies that wash out easily). My affinity for Easter is thus hampered, because of my inevitable clumsiness – I have spilled more than one bowl of Easter egg dye. So, this year I decided to look for some alternatives to decorating the Easter eggs. I found all manner of alternatives, most involving glitter, which looked like plenty of fun; but the technique for me was clear and simple – Sharpies. The answer so often is “a Sharpie.”

You will need:

  • Eggs
  • Scissors
  • Sharpies
  • Tape (preferably double-sided)
  • Animal template
Animal Easter Eggs

Now the process quick and easy:

1. Look online for an outline that you like, any Easter animal will do. I went for the classic bunny, but a duckling or a pig would be just as gratifying. Make sure to pick an image that is clear and has a single-line shape.

2. Print out the image, make sure it is small enough for an egg (unless you’re working with an Ostrich egg – then go ahead and print the outline out on a whole page).

Animal Easter Eggs

3.Cut out the outline and put double-sided tape on it; now cut away the excess tape so that it matches your animal outline.

4. Stick it on your hard-boiled egg, centered.

dotted animal easter eggs

5. Begin “stippling” around the edges with your sharpie – I went with black but I think next time I will use silver or gold.

6. When you are satisfied with your dots, go ahead and take the tape off.

dotted animal easter eggs

7. Add any finishing touches that suit you! (I added a nose and whiskers)

8.  Hide the egg, and have a happy Easter.


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