dollar store beauty

— This is a re-posting of an article from last Summer’s archives.  While I’m away in Europe I thought I’d give you a tour of my blog.  I’ve got years of content to delve into and plenty of fun content to keep you entertained while I’m away. —

I wrote an article for BabyCenter a couple weeks ago about dollar store makeup, and I want to know if any of you buy makeup there. Beauty products? I buy makeup from the dollar store on a regular basis, truly. Nail polish, nail polish remover, eyeliner, and most recently, eyeshadow and liquid liner.

dollar store beauty

I’m not saying you have to get all your beauty supplies on the cheap. I’m as apt to spend $18 on a good eyeshadow as the next girl {M.A.C. anyone?} but I think it’s smart to economize once in a while.

And would you like to know what?

I really like their eyeshadow. It leaves me room in my budget to buy magazines, a Diet Dr. Pepper, and a Redbox or two on the way home.

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  1. Lis :

    Okay, so I think that what you’ve got going here is..amazing! This website is totally cool. I’ve only been on here for 5 minutes and have already learned how to make homemade pore strips and have gotten tips on where to buycheap makeup. I really believe this is wonderful and I will recommend my friends to check this site out. I’m only 17, but I’m really into makeup, and with the economy like this, I think we all need to whip out those coupons or be on the lookout for cheap stuff, especially makeup! Thank so much :)

  2. Lori :

    I buy the LA Colors Shimmering Loose EyeShadow. I always like to use it a little damp. I moisten an eyeshadow applicator and then dip that into a little powder I have sprinkled into my palm.

    • Allison :

      Isn’t it great? Thanks for the tip.