Do it yourself tea cup sleeve + template

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Today’s post is a homemade holiday do it yourself tea cup sleeve + template.  So easy and fun!  The weather is getting gradually cooler here in the mid-west reminding us that full-fledged winter is just around the corner, and that means it is almost hot chocolate season! (or hot tea, or cider…)

Whatever warm drink you prefer, it will most definitely taste better with a properly adorned mug. Cue in this week’s do it yourself project: a polka dot tea cup sleeve.


  • 3 colors felt
  • scarp yarn – about a 10” piece
  • a button
  • thread


  • Sleeve Template
  • Scissors
  • A quarter
  • Pen
  • Needle
  • Sewing Machine
  • Tapestry needle

Because I like to make things easy for all you crafters out there, I made a simple tea-cup-sleeve for the basic shape of the sleeve. So the first step is to download and print out the template at full size.

If you are making this sleeve for a specific tea cup, cut out the template and wrap the paper around the mug to make sure you don’t need to make it any shorter or longer. Once you have the length figured out, cut it out of the felt.

I made the polka dots by tracing a quarter and cutting out those circles.

For a little extra flair, top stitch close to the edge, about ¼”, on your main piece of felt. Make sure to use a contrasting color so it shows up!

Lay out your dots on the sleeve and mark them with pen.

Sew on the dots by starting at top of one circle and sew straight down to the bottom of the second. Do this for every row of dots.

Sew on the button on one end and with the tapestry needle, pull the yarn through the other end. Tie both yarn ends with a knot to secure it.

Wrap the yarn around the button a few times to secure the sleeve onto the cup. This way the sleeve will fit any tea cup or mug. If you are making this for a specific cup, you could also make a loop of yarn the right size to just slip over the button.

Enjoy the do it yourself tea cup sleeve for your own warm-drink-sipping or add a personal touch to holiday gifts for the coffee- or tea-lover in your life! Happy Crafting!

  // A designer, maker, crafter, and blogger, Stephanie Hayward spends her days designing  buildings in Columbus, Ohio and nights blogging about design, DIY, and (attempts at making) good food at Stuff Steph Does. She lives with her partner in crime, Brandon, and their spunky little dog, Lucy. //


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  1. Andrea Howe :

    Super cute! Love it :)

  2. Martha_Mx :

    the pdf template dose not open :( can you repost it?? thanks :)

    • Allison :

      Martha, working on it now, thanks for letting me know!