DIY beauty recipe yogurt mask

I’m mixing it up today.  Instead of talking abut travel I’m going to share my DIY beauty recipe yogurt mask.  With Greek yogurt.  Yummmmmmmm.

DIY beauty recipe yoghurt mask

Did you know yogurt is really good for your skin?  Greek yogurt is really high in protein and calcium and has happy live bacteria cultures that make your skin glow.  You want this on your face.

Here’s how to apply the yogurt mask:

  • Buy plain or vanilla Greek yogurt.
  • Use a clean, specifically designated foundation brush and apply in a thick layer all over face, using about 3-5 teaspoons.  If you don’t have a brush use your fingers or a spoon.  Not a big deal either way.
  • Let the yogurt sit for about 5-10 minutes {I did 10 minutes}
  • Wash face with lukewarm water
  • Bask in the beauty of you.
DIY yogurt facial

If you need to sample the beauty product for, uh, safety reasons, I won’t tell.  This stuff is beezylicious.

Go get your beauty on.

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  1. Marie :

    We love to eat Greek yogurt at our house, so I’m gonna have to try it on my face too!! I think I’m going to do this one with my girls, they would LOVE a beauty mask :)

    • Allison :

      They’ll be licking it off their faces!

  2. Kerry :

    I did this the other night and OH MY. I am hooked!!!

  3. Jamie :

    This works great on hair too! Since I saw you sugar scrub recipe I’ve been hooked on homemade face and hair masks and any other thing I can make at home. I’ve even gone as far as making deodorant, dishwasher detergent and laundry detergent.