Disneyland Anaheim hotel

In October we spent the night at the Hyatt hotel in Orange County, just a hop skip and a jump from Disneyland.

Sadly we weren’t spending any time at Disneyland, we were headed to see my Rheumatologist!  Fun for everyone.

hyatt hotel

I’ll tell you what, I’m totally sold on Hyatt hotels.  They’re just the right blend of fancy without being too stuffy, which isn’t an easy feat.


The room was gorgeous, clean, and crisp which is what I’ve come to expect at the Hyatt.

hotel room

And do you see this room?  We had our own little sitting room for entertaining guests, which we did.  My brother was in town for some meetings down the street {what are the odds?} so we had him over for U-NO.

We like to keep it a little crazy, don’t be jealous.

hotel room

The best part of the room by far, was those two little doors you see.  Precocious?  On the other side of the master suite doors.

Not too shabby.

hotel suite

The kids had their own little suite as well, behind their own set of doors so the entertaining could go on into the night. 

It did.


They didn’t mind the bunk beds too much either.

hotel room

See what I mean?  Charming went up and down that ladder a hundred times before the night was over.

hotel pool

There were two pools to choose from, a super sunny rooftop pool and a cooler pool adjacent to the hotel.


We chose the one adjacent to the hotel because there was no one there.  Not a soul.  Probably because the only other hotel guests were a bunch of tech conference guys who were buried in their laptops.

We win!

The kids splashed into the night before we headed off to dinner at the hotel restaurant Tusca which was surprisingly delicious.

bubble lights

I never really expect a hotel restaurant to be amazing, but Tusca was phenomenal.  Totally high class from the appetizers all the way to the gourmet pizza, with gelato to die for.

appetizer gourmet pizza

If you’re looking for a Disneyland hotel a little off the beaten path, you’ve found the place.

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  1. Carina :

    I want to go to there.

    • Allison :

      You really do. I imagine their shrimp cocktail is to die for.

  2. the emily :

    We went to Disney about 3 years ago and had one night not at the Paradise Pier. We chose the Hyatt because it was the cheapest, and I was astounded. It’s AMAZING. We had a suite for $100 less a night than our regular room at the Paradise Pier. It was beautiful and huge and sooo much better. We were so disappointed when we had to check out.

    • Allison :

      I’m telling you, there’s this misconception that Hyatt’s are totally out of reach price wise. Some are super expensive, but some really aren’t, and the service is worth every penny.

  3. Jenny :

    We are going to Disneyland next week and I totally want to switch our hotel now. Am looking into it now…

    • Allison :

      You should totally try. I booked next week on hotwire for cheap. Seriously, great hotel for kiddos.

  4. kelleyn :

    Awesome hotel! Thank you!

    • Allison :

      No problem.

  5. Katrina :

    Did you KNOW I am headed to Cali in a few short weeks? We ARE going to Disneyland, but lucky for us/maybe unlucky for us ( this hotel looks awesome!) we will not be needing a hotel. My MIL and SIL live a skip and jump away from Disneyland, YEAH!!! So, Allison, what do you suggest to do there first? Remember 4 and 3 year old with us ;)

    • Allison :

      In California or in Disneyland? I’m a huge fan of California Adventure! So much fun for the little ones.

      Have fun!

      • Katrina :

        Yeap! Cali… MIL and SIL live there

  6. Heather :

    Lucky!! When I grow up I want to go to classy hotels just like YOU!

    • Allison :

      Fancy like.

  7. The Mommy Therapy :

    We just went to a Hyatt resort a few weekends ago and found myself in love with the Hyatt brand there also!

    I love the bunk beds in the room, my boys would be over the moon about that. I guess once no one is in diapers these sorts of things can be fun. Right now I only travel with my children by force and no one sleeps well, naps well or functions well in general by day two. I can’t wait to take everyone to a hotel like this and find the fun in it!