Customized Portrait for Christmas


It’s the season of giveaways around here, and I have a great one for you today. My good friend Mike Loveland, husband of my superbly talented graphic designer Alma Loveland {both of Ollibird}, is doing a series of portraits for the holidays and you can get in on the love.

custom portrait

Mike did portraits of my children, something I’ve wanted to have done for a long time, and I’m a smitten kitten.  Not only is it awesome to have customized art in my home, but portraits of my kids? Booyah.

custom portrait

This giveaway is now CLOSED.

How about a customized portrait for Christmas?  One of your kids, one of your spouse, one of your mom?

I don’t know, whatever fits your fancy.  I’m giving 3 away to one winner.

Even if you don’t win the giveaway, I highly recommend booking a portrait.  They’re $100 per portrait or per person in portrait, and there’s a discount price of $80 on all orders before December 10th.  Limited slots are available so hurry, for reals.

Giveaway Details:

  • 1. Leave a comment telling me who you’d get a portrait of, and who you’d give it to.  Be honest, tell me if it’s you.
  • 2. Giveaway ends next Wednesday December 8th, 2010 at Midnight MST.
  • 3. If you want to Like Petit Elefant on Facebook, you’ll have the inside track on giveaways like this one.  If you don’t want to Like it, that’s cool too.
  • 4. Good luck!

{Check out Mike’s portrait gallery for more of his work}

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  1. elz :

    I love customized art, especially from photographs. I’d get portraits of my girls for us. And, I think I’d give the third one to our friend who is battling breast cancer so she can see how beautiful she is.

  2. c2cmom :

    Easy: portrait of the kiddo for us, maybe another of my hubby and me, and one of my nephews for my sister and bro-in-law. Yours look beautiful! I like how his protraits seem to capture so much personality.

  3. Tami Warner :

    I would LOVE to get a portrait of myself. I won’t lie. I can imagine my husband’s face as he opens it up. I’ve never had anyone love me so much in my life. It would make THE perfect gift. He’s the best husband in the world.

  4. colett yarro :

    my three kids, how perfect!

  5. Jerilee E. :

    well, I would say my kids- but I have 5 of those! So, I would do my husband and myself. The other would be my mother-in-law :).

  6. Emily MG :

    One each of my adorable children. I’m too selfish to share, I think: they’d be added to our burgeoning art collection.

    What a nice giveaway! Congrats to whomever gets it.

  7. Jenny :

    I would want all three of my kids done, but if I could only pick one I would pick my baby with his naughty smile. Mike is so talented, his rendition of the naughty smile would be incredible .

  8. Paula :

    My kids. Honestly, I thought to my mom, but when you said “Be honest, tell me if it’s you” I thought hey, that might be a good idea too!

  9. Sarah Viola :

    Oh man, I want this BAD. I’m a fan of ollibird, and I’d love to have portraits of my babies. Bad. If I won, I’d commission one of each of my kids, with the third of our cat. SO cool.

  10. Robyn :

    hmmm…This is tough cause I have 5 kids. I think I would give it to my cousin to do her three kids.

  11. AutumH :

    I would personally love to get it done for my 3 kids but as my husband and I are always trying to find unique and innovative gifts for his boss each year this would be a wonderful idea.

  12. Lorena Morgan :

    ME!! I want a portrait of me! and I would totally put it up in my family room for all to see!

    pick me?! please

  13. Abby - Bright Yellow World :

    I’d love to have one of our engagement photos turned into a portrait, to give to my fiance. These are so incredibly special!

  14. Marianne :

    I would adore a custom portrait of my daughter. And I would be totally selfish and hang it right here, in my house. Family can enjoy it hanging on my wall just as well! Right.

  15. Meghan :

    I’d say my kids… but I have four. So, I guess one of me for the hubby for his office. Then the others would be great gifts for close friends!

  16. Redneck Mommy :

    I’d have a portrait done of Shalebug. Because I miss him. And it would be perfect to give to each set of grandparents. For the other two? Well, heck, I’d figure something out!

  17. Nathalie :

    This is gorgeous! If I were to win, I’d like to have a portrait of myself, my sweet boyfriend and of course, my loving mum! :) Both of them would love to see portraits of themselves hanging on the wall :))

    This is an amazing contest, btw. :)

  18. Mique :

    Yes please! I would do 3 portraits of my 3 kids. Easy peasy. Just like that.

  19. Lindsey Johnson :

    I would love to get one done of my kids to hang on my wall. So I guess I’d give it to my husband as a present.

  20. Lori :

    I will go along with everyone else on this one and say my kids, although I like the idea of surprising my husband with one of me.

  21. laura :

    ooh~ i’d choose a portrait of my little man, blaise and we’d give it to dad for christmas!

  22. Sarah :

    I’d totally keep this for my husband and I and get a portrait of our too-cute-for-words 3 year old little guy!!

  23. Erica :

    I’m with the majority on keeping these bad boys for myself. One each for the kids and then one with the hubs and me. So fun!

  24. Barb @ getupandplay :

    I’m a narcissist, I’ll admit it! The portraits would totally be of my little family.

  25. Sarah L :

    I would get a portrait of my two Grandmas and I would have to keep it. Recently I’ve been valuing the time I spend with them and I know that it won’t always be possible to see them in person, and I’d love a very special portrait of them together!

  26. Whitney :

    I have 5 kids so this wouldn’t cover them all so I would do one of my step-son to give to his mom. My husbands ex wife and I are great friends and I know how much it would mean to her to have
    a special portrait of Noah. The other two would haven to be portraits of me and my hubby. He would love them!

  27. Jenna Nelson :

    THREE? That’s amazing. Would fit my family perfectly.

  28. Sam :

    I’d get one of my daughter and hang it in my house! I hope I win!

  29. Katelyn :

    I would get a pic of our chocolate lab for my husband (he loves our dog and says he will never get another dog after Sage). A pic of our little girl for my office since I’m a working mom or give it to my mom for Christmas. Probably the last one would be of my daughter to add to my family photo wall (that would technically be to all of us).

  30. Allison {live love smal} :

    i’ve always wanted portraits done of my kids. fun giveaway! btw- love your blog!

  31. Amanda George :

    Probably my daughters and would most likely keep for myself or MAYBE give to the grand parents.

  32. Granola Girl :

    I’d get one of our whole family (there are three of us) so that we can finally have a picture which was not taken with the timer on our point and shoot digital camera.

    These are beautiful. We might have to get one of our son anyway!

  33. Kari :

    Oh hi.. its my Sister Selfish and I would totally keep it for myself! HA! Love it ooberly.

  34. Stacia :

    I actually considered getting a couples portrait done by Mike for our anniversary this year. We did something else for Christmas it would be a super bonus!

  35. Jenny White :

    Lovely! I’m not sure if I’d do my two kids and my dog or give all three to my sister, who has three precious kids! I have something similar of my kids and I treasure it, so I may pass it on to my sweet sister(in-law).

  36. Chrissi H :

    How fun! I would get all three of my little boy but give one to my parents, one to my in-laws, and keep one for myself.

  37. Wendy :

    These portraits are great! I’d love to get a portrait done of my husband and myself for our son’s nursery.

  38. Melissa :

    Very cool. They would be a gift to myself. My two daughters with their totally opposite personalities shining through.
    You could give the third to someone else. Share the love, right?

  39. Alicia W. :

    Portrait of the kids for my husband, a portrait of my niece for my sister, and a portrait of my brother’s dog for him and his wife. How awesome would that be?

  40. Christina :

    So I’d probably get three copies of the same portrait done of my son–one for each of his grandmas and one for me! He’s the only grandchild right now, so I know they’d love it!

  41. amelia :

    Oh, I’d have a portrait of my 3 boys and keep them for myself.

  42. caroline :

    I would love to get a portrait of son and daughter as a christmas gift for my husband – or I just might keep it for myself!

  43. Kari :

    I would totally get this done of my boyfriend and I to give to him for Christmas.

  44. Lacretia :

    I’d get a portrait done of myself and two of my siblings, and then I’d pay to have the other two portraits done of my OTHER two siblings. I’d definitely give it to my mom. She’d probably cry.

  45. Heather B. :

    I have three girls, so there you go! Although…. it would be fun to have grown up pics like these…Thanks for the giveaway! Cheers, HeatherB.

  46. G :

    Well, I have 3 kids, so that would work out perfectly. I would LOVE to have some art for my bare walls.

  47. Anna M :

    i have four kids, so I would say whichever three kids are being the nicest.

  48. Kathleen :

    Oh wow, those are great! I love the pirate one of your son–not your typical portrait.

    I’d probably do the usual subjects–my son, my husband and myself–maybe the cat!

  49. Tina :

    THOSE ARE AMAZING!! I love the mustache. Right now it’s tied between a super cute picture of two sisters and me or a HILARIOUS picture of my friends and me sticking our tongues out while eating from one gelato cone in Italy. Humor generally wins though in my house…

  50. Janie :

    I would definitely get a portrait of our 9 month old son–and keep it for myself!

  51. Jaclyn :

    Oh how fun! I’d get one of me and one of my new husband. What a wonderful addition it would make to our newlywed house!

  52. Jan :

    I envy the Loveland’s talents. I’m not even kidding. I wish you could see my super serious face.

    I would love one of these!! I would have one drawn of my incredibly good looking one year old son! :)

    Here’s to hoping!

  53. Amie aka MammaLoves :

    Three crazy boys…three amazing portraits! What’s not to love about that??

    I love the style too!

    *crossing my fingers*

  54. Marie :

    That is so great! I love the pirate costume for the portrait!!

  55. mskaz :

    Okay those are awesome! I would get portraits done of my 3 girls and give it to my hubs for Christmas. He gets really sappy whenever I give him photos of the girls and this would knock his socks off.

  56. Lara Osmond :

    I love Mike’s work! I would get one of my sister and her husband to give to them for Christmas… perfect gift. And one of my newest niece… adorable!

  57. Emily :

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE To win~!!!

  58. Janae :

    I’ve got 3 little girls and would love to get them done. I would give them to my hubby for christmas, cause they are all daddy’s girls. Really they’d be displayed in our home so we’d both be able to enjoy their adorable faces!

  59. Sheila :

    I would love to have portraits of my three girls. This would completely be a present to myself. What a great giveaway–thank you!

  60. Amanda :

    Having just had our first child, I think I would actually get three different portraits of him–one for each set of grandparents, and one to keep. Is that cheating? We’re just so in love with him…

  61. Katherine :

    I would adore a portrait of my kids. We love art and color — these are amazing!! Thanks for the chance of a giveaway.

  62. Meghan Ross :

    I would have a portrait of my little boy for my mom for Christmas. She is the hardest person to shop for and never really likes anything she gets. But she would LOVE a portrait of her grandson!

  63. christina j. :

    honestly, i don’t know who i’d give it to! i have three sisters who all have kids, and then there are the grandparents, (oh, yeah, and us). i’d have to do some serious thinking….

  64. Jenn T. :

    Saw these at the Beehive Bazaar! They were beautiful!

  65. Natalie :

    Great giveaway! I would do 2 of my two precious boys (newest one is only 8 weeks!) and for the third it would be a toss up between one of our wedding shots or the dog! Ha! Probably the dog, she was our first baby! Thanks!

  66. kage :

    LOVE the pirate. Ooh, since I have 2 kids, how can I choose? maybe I’ll have it be my husband.

  67. Rachel Miller :

    I would get one of my Boxer puppy Lola! I have seen so many cute portraits of dogs with the colorful backgrounds on shows like Pit Boss etc, and I have always wanted one. I would give it to my hubby for Christmas and he would just swoon over it. Sometimes I think that man loves his dogs more than he loves me. Only a little though! Best of luck to everyone!!

  68. Janet :

    Love these! I’d get a portrait of my niece and nephews. It would be the perfect holiday surprise for my sis and her husband.

  69. Jordan S. :

    Dude, you know you want to get portaits of me and my wife done for my kids. I mean, who wouldn’t want a cartoony version of their parents on their wall?


  70. Zina :

    All five kids . . .

  71. samantha :

    Ok, this is totally nerdy, but don’t judge! I would seriously get one of my cat. He is hilarious and not really that bright and chubby and so sweet. I love my kid, but I just had some expensive portraits taken of her, so I feel like she’s already been documented at this stage in her life… so yeah, that’s my justification for choosing my cat over my baby. I TOLD YOU TO STOP JUDGING ME!

  72. Julie :

    Love it! I have two girls, so I’d get one of each girl for myself, and then one of them together for my dad! He lives a few states over, so he doesn’t get to see them as often as the other grandparents!

  73. Juleen Kenney :

    I would have some of my wedding photos turned into portraits.