Cumberbatch Babies

There were actual squeals of joy and rows of exclamation points and proclamations of a state of emergency and frantic text messages when I heard the news today that my favorite, Benedict Cumberbatch is going to become a daddy.

benedict cumberbatch


Indeed, Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch and his gorgeous fiancee Sophie Hunter are expecting a baby this year! Bring on the Cumber-babies!  It’s no secret that Benedict Cumberbatch is beloved around here.  For several valid heart-throbby reasons. His elegant gait, his public desire to marry and have children, his deliciously silky voice and ever-dreamy accent, his old fashioned manners (the engagement announcement was very classy), his graciousness and charm during interviews and fan maulings, the way he wears a suit and tie, and of course his formidable talent all add up to one big, mad, juicy celeb-crush. I confess: his photo is the wallpaper on my phone. It’s true. He’s our favorite topic of conversation around here. And those conversations never ever include highly romantic overtones. Wink.

benedict cumberbatch

James Higgins/Splash News

We are tremendously happy for Mr. Cumberbatch and his lovely bride-to-be Miss. Hunter. She’s quite beautiful–those eyes, the cheekbones, the posture and grace. And those gowns—she has great taste.  Well, obviously, and not just in gowns.  Hmmm. I’m also a fair-skinned brunette with blue eyes and great taste (!)—perhaps there would have been a chance for us, Benny and I, in another time and place. Maybe? No? Sigh.

No doubt the forthcoming child, and any who come after, will be beautiful and rosy cheeked with beaming blue eyes, well-loved and adored. I easily picture this daddy-to-be playing horsey and cowboys and reading bedtime stories and pacing the floor with a  drowsy little babe in his arms. I hope that the cup of joy runneth over for the lovely couple. Baby Cumberbatches make me happy.

benedict cumberbatch

Rula Kanawati/Press Line Photos

I first fell in love with Benedict Cumberbatch when I discovered the Sherlock series from the BBC. If you haven’t watched, do. I’ve since been keen on every film he’s done, even when that means watching the Hobbit just to hear that voice. That voice. You can see him next in the upcoming release “The Imitation Game” which looks excellent. Also, I did not seriously consider photo-shopping my face onto Miss Hunter’s body in one or all of these photos. Maybe. Wink again.

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