Create some rustic style jewelry and hair

Time to create some cool rustic jewelry and learn how to create and style the perfectly messy updo because friends, The Croods movie coming out.  Have you heard of it?  It’s an adorable animated movie about the story of a cave family at the beginning of time, and a little rebellious daughter (my favorite sort or daughter) who opens their whole world.  It’s super cute for the kids, and I’ve got some sneak peeks of fun to keep you on the inside loop of magic while we wait for the release.  What kind of magic you ask?  It’s me, Allison here, which means we’re here to talk some cave-lady beauty and serious fashion.  You know I love me some of that.

In fact, I’ve got an entire Pinterest board dedicated just to The Croods with all sorts of cool animal print style + beauty.  You should go check it out and get inspired.  And stuff.

gem necklace DIY

Dreamworks teamed up with some talented peeps to create a whole plethora of sweet rustic style DIY’s for you and yours to make at home.  Like this super rad crystal necklace you can create in the span of a snack break on your kitchen counter.


Serious style points for that one, I really want to make one or seven of those.  Adorbs for kids of all ages, and moms of even more ages! (c’mon, we’re not that old)

messy updoSince we’re already getting busy crafting up a storm before The Croods movie actually releases, we might as well throw in a little messy bun hair action.  On the Dreamworks Croods Pinterest board (yes everyone, even past-tense cave ladies have their own Pinterest boards these days) there are a ton of really fun ideas to create, including some wicked cool style and beauty tutorials you should totally check out.  I mean, let’s get serious, I don’t think blow dryers and flat irons were a thing back in the old caveman cavewoman days (I’m all for equality in my cave people), but  I think the cave ladies of yore were too busy you know, trying not to be eaten by animals in the light of day to worry about learning how to create the perfect messy updo, but it’s fun to recreate a little wild style in the meantime, yes?

Looking good never hurt anyone, not even a super hardcore cave lady trying to stay alive.

(Break into song right here if you need to – no one will judge – we all create joy in our own small ways.).

This post is part of a sponsored campaign.  My love of animal print and style and beauty? Come on, if you need to ask I’m already insulted.

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  1. Dima Al Mahsiri :

    I love that crystal necklace, we can make different colors according to our outfit :)

    • Allison :

      Isn’t it cool? I can’t wait to make some!