bath products for kids.

Circle of Friends is company that offers a wonderful variety of hair and bath products for children. With products like Chocolate body lotion, hair detangler, and a sudsy-soap-filled-ducky-sponge it’s amazing that the kids ever get out of the bath. Finding the children in the bath after I come back from work in the evening; I am always curious as to what interesting cultural factoid they will be sharing with me that evening that they read on the bottles.

Circle of Friends® was founded and nurtured by the world’s great experts on children: moms. Since its inception, the mission of Circle of Friends® was to create a professional hair, bath, and body line for children, while introducing them to a world of styles and cultures.

Best of all….

Pablo’s Blazing Blue Hair Paint

In quantities of 24 or more, these things are only $0.92 each. That would be so worth it to me to send each kid home after a birthday party not just with a gift bag, but with blue hair.
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  1. happyathome :

    I think the adults can use the hair paint!

  2. Naomi :

    holy cow! that is so cool… i must look into it for jasper’s fauxhawk. when he grows enough hair to create one, i mean…

  3. Belinda :

    This is a most excellent b’day party idea:)

  4. Nance :

    My husband’s hair was that color of blue in high school.

  5. Mommie Mikeworth :

    oh thats great send em’ home with blue hair! love it!