wooden animal play sets for kids.

Have you seen them? Do you know how to pronounce it? No matter how,  (Is it cheek-EYES, like eyeballs, or is it cheek-EES?), just get them. Cheekeyes makes some of the cutest wooden play sets I’ve seen.  A special gift for any toddler that parents also will appreciate. Yes, I clearly have a thing for wooden toys, and as a result, Oompa Toys is one of my favorite online haunts for utterly delightful blocks, trucks, games and these very sweet wooden animal sets by Cheekeyes. As every toddler is crazy about animals, these are just the right size for little hands. I especially love the beautiful wood grain of each piece and the teensy pops of color. Little ones will love the friendly shapes of both familiar and unique animals, plus the very cool accessories like trees and glaciers.

Bonus: class-act Oompa will send your package promptly, expertly (i.e. no visible tape) gift-wrapped in sleek and jolly red paper.
Polar Animals, $29.99
Forest Animals, $29.99
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  1. Cheekeyes ;-) :

    It’s pronounced as cheek-EYES. It’s because of the cheek and…well the EYES ofcourse…. :-)

  2. KJ :

    thanks for the clarification. It does make more sense this way! And I really do love them!

  3. Noelle :

    lovely, simple blocks.

  4. Angel :

    We LOVE The polar animals, and the cute trees they sell too

  5. Beth :

    oooh these are CUTE!