cheap & easy easter decoration.

If you’re celebrating Easter at your house this weekend like we are over here, this is the cheapest and easiest Easter decoration on the block.

Remember when I showed you my easy Thanksgiving decor using mini pumpkins inside a glass jar? This is the same thing, only with Easter eggs.

Get the cheapest plastic eggs you can find, layer them by color to maximize the visual effect, put on the lid, and you’re done!

If I had a kitchen table that wasn’t littered with the contents of my kitchen cabinets, this would be a perfect centerpiece. For now the jar will sit in my bedroom.

P.S. Hooray for Blogger being fixed!

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  1. Shuggilippo :

    Such a simple (cheap) idea!

    I have foam eggs I got last year the day after Easter for like 30 cents or something absurd like that I toss into my jars. I like the color coordinated rows you did though. Off to the market.

  2. ShoppeGirls :

    Love this idea and thank you for sharing.

  3. ShoppeGirls :

    Love this idea and thank you for sharing.

  4. Naomi :

    more proof that simple=beautiful. nice work!

  5. heather :

    Another "why didn't I think of this?" idea! Thank you! I will be using this fabulous idea very soon!

  6. Ronique Gibson :

    Two of my favorite words in the English dictionary, cheap and easy! Wheh hew!This is perfect for the kids.

  7. Camille :

    I'm always trying to overshoot my ideas and end up overlooking the best ones! Love this idea!

  8. ALC :

    Easter Eggs = pretty