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how to get sand off from the beach


Now that it’s probably Summer in your neck of the woods, I’m going to share a little how-to with you. When you go to the beach, pack a small little travel size bottle of baby powder in your beach bag.  After everyone gets all wet and sandy and it’s time to pile into the car to go home, whip out the baby powder.  Sprinkle it all over your sandy bits and rub and the sand will fall right off. Aren’t…
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Eastern European currencies

eastern european currencies

Viktor decided early on in our trip planning that he didn’t want to be the translator for me 24/7 {see the packing list and travel guide we’ve chosen for our family trip to Europe}.  That includes translation of language, cultural customs, time zones, and currencies. Basically, Viktor wants to be the anti-tourist.  So he made up little currency cards for everyone in the family.  That way no one has to ask him to translate when we want to spend money….
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shoes to pack when traveling.

shoes for travel

This post couldn’t be more timely since I’ll be out of town when you read this.  I’m in the middle of the floor with a big pile of shoes around me as I type this, trying to figure out which shoes to take with me for my trip to Park City this weekend.  I’m speaking at a social media conference for women called EVO, and I want to take all my shoes.  Alas, I cannot.  So, I’m leaving you with…
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what shoes to pack for a trip.

How many shoes does a woman need for a blogging conference? If you answer correctly, I’ll buy you a Diet Dr. Pepper. This is how many I packed for Nashville. Well, that’s not true, I added a pair of running shoes so I could sneak in a run with the girls from Eat. Blog. Run. so I technically packed 7. Yikes. I think I packed too many, but I actually put some back if it makes you feel any better….
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how to: pack makeup when traveling

As you read this I’m 36,000 feet in the air on my way to Nashville, Tennessee for a blogging conference called BlissDom. I’m 10 kinds of excited for this trip. I didn’t go to the conference last year and heard wonderful things about it, so I can’t wait to hop off the plane and party like it’s 1999 with all my blogging friends. For the record, Precocious was born in 1999. I wasn’t doing a whole lot of partying. Or…
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travel seat for babies.

It’s been a while since I’ve traveled with babies, but I well remember the hassle of hanging out in a restaurant that didn’t have a high chair. It can be kind of a headache, no? Snazzy Baby Travel Chair $34.99 Check out this super compact travel chair you can throw into the diaper bag, carry on, or even your purse {if you travel with life sized purses like myself} and carry with you into the restaurant for your own ensured…
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travel pillow for kids.

When we travel I allow the kids to pack one small pillow, one blanket, and a favorite animal so they’ll feel more at home wherever we are. I was beyond thrilled to discover Zoobie Pets, which combines all three. Is it a bird, a plane, Superman? Actually, it’s a Ladybug, a pillow, and a blanket. So clever. Lily the Ladybug $34 {via Zoobie Pets} And the kids discovered that if you stuff the empty animal with your daddy’s sweatshirt {when…
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Little Jet Set

Discussions of holiday travel plans are common at my house right now. Where to go for what holiday, whether to go anywhere at all, when to go if we do go, weather considerations, and how to manage it all with the impending discomfort of pregnancy and our delightful [impossible] 2 year old. The latter probably posing the greatest obstacle–I’d rather avoid resigning myself to a portable DVD player. Thankfully, Little Jet Set has compiled a delightful arsenal of travel helps and…
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things to make travel with kids easier.

Alex Car Valet. $28. {via Little Jet Set}. If you’ve traveled very far with kids {as far as the post office counts} you know that even under the best of circumstances it can be, well, trying. I’ve done so many things over the years to lessen the pain {for all of us} including traveling with an entourage of crayons, coloring books, binoculars, & stickers. I used to haul around bins in the backseat of the car full of activities to…
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