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How to make a travel laundry kit

DIY travel kit

How to make a travel laundry kit; it’s what’s on the agenda today. I travel a fair amount in my life, mostly with kids, plenty without.  Regardless, there’s always, ALWAYS some sort of laundry emergency when I travel.  I tend to spill when I eat, all over the front of whatever it is I’m wearing.  It’s kind of an epidemic, but whatever, no need to alert the authorities or anything, it’s just part of the treasure of being me.  And…
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Pack for a weekend trip to London

packing for a weekend trip to London

// Trip to London for the weekend?  Hey, a girl can dream.  I’m dreaming, always, of England. (Okay, let’s be honest, sometimes, a lot of times, I’m dreaming of Costa Rica). But guest travel blogger Gemma lives in Sweden and travels wherever she can, whenever possible, lucky girl, and today Gemma lays it all out for us: exactly what to pack for a weekend trip to London, and why.  This is the business. // (Editor’s note from Allison) Have you…
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New York International Auto Show

Hello! Allison’s faithful assistant Kimberly strikes again while Allison is otherwise detained in a subtropical locale. This time I’m pulling car duty in Manhattan, which it turns out isn’t such a bad gig.  Does a high gloss finish turn your head? Do terms like “800 horsepower” and “rear suspension geometry” get you a little hot and bothered? My answer is YES. Yes, now that I’ve spent a little time around the world’s hottest cars and some serious auto lovers. I…
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Tips for good family road trips

activity travel bag for adults

Taking a road trip with your family is a little bit like Russian roulette, it’s all fun and games until one of your children kills the other in a weird parking lot just outside Reno. No, really. A bad road trip is enough to make anyone risk death at any opportunity.  But if you really plan ahead and prepare for the sort of contingencies that pop up with kids {which is to say all of them}, a road trip can…
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Must Have Travel Kit For Children

traveling kit for children

We do our fair share of traveling, and over the years we’ve developed some systems that work really well for our family.  One of these is a travel kit for children.  No matter where we are, whether it’s a on road trip to California or on a train across Europe, we pack a little Zip-Lock bag filled with the essentials. Travel Kit for Children: gum chap-stick wet wipes band-aids hand sanitizer We pack it all up in a Zip-Lock bag…
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Roll your clothes to pack a suitcase

suit case

I took your advice on what to pack for Europe.  For the most part anyway, you know I had to rebel a little and wear comfortable shoes for all the walking.  But the number one tip I took from all of you was to pack light. We did. Each child had a carry on and a backpack, {the awesome luggage we bought at Costco} and that was it.  The backpack was full of things for the 25 hours of travel…
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shoes for walking in Europe

new balance

Before I left on vacation I asked you guys a bunch of questions about what to pack for Europe.  What would I absolutely need, what could I skip, what did you recommend?  You guys were totally on the money.  Outlet adapters, peanut butter, comfortable clothes for the plane, all the way down.  The one thing I didn’t take your advice on? Not wearing tennis shoes. I really debated it. I thought long and hard about how I would look like…
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Welcome home!


You guys, I missed you!  A month is a long time to take a trip around the world and not be at my desk.  A long, glorious, wonderful, adventure filled month.  And while I’m sad I’m not still in Europe, I’m really happy to be home, and I honest and truly missed you and missed our regular, you know, interactions on the interwebs. 25 Things I Learned by Taking a Month off Blogging & Traveling to Europe: I really like…
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