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Images from Warszawa Poland

cobblestone streets

I started composing a huge post today about our family travels to Warsaw, but I can’t quite find the words to adequately express how I feel.  Instead I’m going to break it all down one post at a time in the coming months. Before I jump into that though, I thought I’d share some images from Warszawa Poland.  That’s how the locals say it: Warszawa, only they don’t say Poland because that’s American-ese, they say Polska.  So it’s actually *garble…
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Magical Polish cemetery

graveyard sunset

The best part about our European vacation wasn’t the playgrounds, although they were full of rad.  Or the Turkish baths in Budapest, although I’d like to move into one of the changing cabins post haste.  It wasn’t even the bubbly water, or the trains, or the month without a cell phone, even though each and every one of those things were worth the trip. The best part about Europe was seeing where my husband grew up, seeing his primary school…
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Exploring Budapest, Hungary

Szechenyi baths

Since I’m done blathering on about the holidays, it’s time to start talking travel on Fridays again.  I’ve missed revisiting my travels, and I realized yesterday I still haven’t blogged about most of our trip to Europe.  There’s a lot to share, so here we go! After a few weeks in Poland {which I’ll get to eventually, there’s SO much interesting stuff to tell you about there} we headed off to explore a few countries to the south: Hungary, the…
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Thanksgiving Point family pass giveaway

thanksgiving point annual pass giveaway

This giveaway is now closed, thanks so much for entering!  The winner is Tiffany, who said: Choose me! Pick me!  Congratulations.  email me asap like: allisonATpetitelefantDOTcom Today’s post is sponsored by Thanksgiving Point, and if you live in Utah, you want to jump into this giveaway asap.  I’m giving away an annual family pass to Thanksgiving Point.  Thanksgiving Point is the place I take my kids when none of us can take the winter crazies anymore and we want to…
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Traveling Europe By Train

european train

One of my absolute, hands down, favorite parts of our European vacation this summer was traveling all over Eastern Europe by train. It’s been on my Life List as long as I can remember to travel across Europe on a sleeper train, so even though it’s the more expensive travel option, we sucked it up and did it anyway. Did you know it’s really REALLY cheap to fly between countries in Europe?  For us to have flown to the Czech…
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Quick Summer Retreat In Utah

resort hotel

On the last weekend of summer, right before school started for the kids, we traveled to Heber, Utah for a quick summer retreat.  Heber is only a 45 minute drive from our house {and a beautiful one at that} and we had yet to spend a weekend away there. Sad, but true. Heber is next to another little town called Midway, right by the mountains on the back side of Mount Timpanogos.  It’s such a gorgeous place.  It’s meant to…
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One if by train, two if by plane


We’ve been traveling all around Eastern Europe for the last week, on a little vacation-within-a-vacation.  We took a handful of overnight trains and a few day trains to see Vienna, Salzburg, Prague, and Budapest. If I could move to Prague or Salzburg tomorrow, I’d do it.  I cannot believe how gorgeous those cities are, and Austria has my vote of approval, which I’m sure they were waiting for with bated breath. After a week sleeping on trains, I felt totally…
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taking kids to a museum

— This is a re-posting of an article from last Summer’s archives.  While I’m away in Europe I thought I’d give you a tour of my blog.  I’ve got years of content to delve into and plenty of fun content to keep you entertained while I’m away. — When we went to California in June we took the kids to one of our favorite museums on the west coast, the J. Paul Getty. Now I have to warn you, my…
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cobble stone

I think I might finally have a glimpse into how people feel when they come to Utah and see the Wasatch Mountains for the first time.  It’s always amazing to me when people say “You LIVE next to these things?! How do you get anything done?“.  And I say, pointing to the nearest peak, ‘Those old things? Ah, nobody cares about those.  They’re just, you know, boring old mountains.’ We’re walking around next to these buildings that have been here…
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