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beach hotel Huntington Beach


In the Fall we traveled to Southern California for another one of my fun rheumatologist visits.  Don’t be jealous, we can’t ALL have Lupus.  Once again we stayed at one of my favorite hotels in Southern California, the Huntington Beach Hyatt. This hotel is made of magic and fairy dust in my eyes.  Anyplace that has surfboards hanging from the walls in the lobby has my vote. We stayed for two nights and took advantage of every single second even…
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Disneyland Anaheim hotel

hotel pool

In October we spent the night at the Hyatt hotel in Orange County, just a hop skip and a jump from Disneyland. Sadly we weren’t spending any time at Disneyland, we were headed to see my Rheumatologist!  Fun for everyone. I’ll tell you what, I’m totally sold on Hyatt hotels.  They’re just the right blend of fancy without being too stuffy, which isn’t an easy feat. The room was gorgeous, clean, and crisp which is what I’ve come to expect…
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park city, utah.

park city view

I got lost on the way to EVO this year.  This, despite the fact that I live only an hour and a half away from Park City {that’s Utah in case you’re wondering}.  It’s because I haven’t been to The Canyons since my teen years, for a Sting concert if you can believe it. Sting is pretty boring in concert if you want my humble opinion.  It’s hard to fall asleep standing up, but I gave it my best. Anyway,…
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luxury hotel in west hollywood.

When we were in L.A. last month, we spent our last night at a gorgeous hotel in West Hollywood called Andaz.  It’s a Hyatt {I have yet to stay in a Hyatt hotel I haven’t loved}, but it’s more boutique hotel than your run of the mill Hyatt.  In fact, Andaz has a hotel in San Diego, two in New York, and one in London.  I think I’ve added 5 more hotels to my hotel bucket list. What?  I can…
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unique luxury hotel in los angeles, california.

After we finished splashing bathing beauties to within an inch of their lives at our hotel in Long Beach, California, we headed inland a little to end up in Brentwood, on the border of West Hollywood in Los Angeles.  You know who lives in Brentwood?  Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck live in Brentwood.  Do I read People Magazine too often?  Why yes, yes I do. Anyhow, Brentwood is beautiful and would be a lovely place to live.  I think.  We…
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family friendly hotel in long beach, california

Last week we took a family vacation to southern California.  The kids had just gotten out of school for the Summer, Viktor had 6 days off work, and I needed to see my awesome rheumatologist who practices in Orange County.  It was the perfect lead in to a short and sweet family trip to the west coast beaches. We spent our first few days hanging out with Viktor’s family {who live in the area} before heading up the coast to…
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hotel salt lake city

Last week I was invited to spend the night at The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City with a few blogging girlfriends. The itinerary included dinner at The Melting Pot restaurant {across the street from the hotel}, massages and facials in the {renowned} hotel spa, and dinner in the hotel restaurant. Ummmm. Don’t hate me. Please keep reading my blog even though sometimes I live a charmed and spoiled life. I’m still a nice, normal person with dishes in…
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huntington beach hotel

Viktor is in the middle of making a pro/con list as to why we should uproot the family and move to Southern California. Like, seriously. I’m not about to move. I have a circle of close friends and family I adore, my home is becoming lovely {even though I still have a concrete slab as a living room floor} and I like living here. But friends, I’m here to tell you that this week Viktors’ *pro* list is pretty long…
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Happy Thanksgiving from Sunny Southern California.

We’re having a great time in California. It was literally 80 degrees today so we spent a couple hours poolside lounging in the sun. Not a bad way to start Thanksgiving. We’re staying at the Embassy Suites which has comfortable beds, free breakfast for the kiddos, a hot tub {sqeee!}, and the obvious but awesome: a television. I haven’t watched live TV since May when I banned it from the house. I got to watch this show last night real…
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