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BlogHer sneak peek.

This is just a complete mishmash of photos from Chicago last week. I’m still so tired I feel upside down, and my ankles are only now losing a little bit of swelling. Getting off the plane from Boston post BlogHer, they resembled play-doh. Put your finger in and it got stuck. Not pretty. So I’m resting and recuperating before I do a big post. Let me just say, I haven’t had that much fun since college. Scratch that, I haven’t…
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mom 2.0 summit recap.

{This is me checking in, day 1. Notice my new Shade outfit? Love it.} I can’t even tell you how much fun I had at Mom 2.0 this past weekend. F-U-N. The amount of energy and brain power packed into those ballrooms at the Four Seasons was crazy; I felt like I needed my spare brain {you all have one of those lying around, right?} after only a few hours in the first day. It was amazing. I learned so…
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