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Wedding report:

Allison in downtown SLC

Victor here reporting to you on behalf/behest of Allison.  Allison is in Los Angeles right now with P at an event that I am sure she will be writing about soon.  In fact, in sure that she’s Tweeting about it @petit_elefant.  When she comes back, she’ll go straight to the Alt Summit where she’s speaking/presenting/mingling and selling this year’s Social Luxe Lounge event.  Anyways…. We spent the last few days about 50 miles from home getting ready and helping celebrate…
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Women are Awesome – Mighty Summit Weekend

wine grapes

I’ve been sifting through my thoughts over the last month and a half, having a really hard time coming up with what to write about Mighty Summit. Aside from my posse of social media mavens in Utah, I can’t tell you the last time I went to an event and came home this relaxed, inspired, confident, boosted, ready to take on the world.  I really wasn’t sure what to expect of Mighty Summit.  A gathering of supremely smart, uber successful,…
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Weekend in Vegas.

good husband

I still haven’t written about Mighty Summit because I’m tired, and still processing the happiness of the whole weekend, and in the interim, I went to Vegas for the weekend.  Because apparently being in two major cities in one week isn’t enough, I needed to make it three.  Sigh. {this is the whole family, schlepped to Vegas, in the Bellagio hotel which is made of awesome} So a couple weeks ago my girlfriend Carina told me she had extra tickets…
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A Mormon, A Knife, & A Bottle of Champagne.

purple grapes

I just got back from a weekend in Napa Valley, California at the Mighty Summit 2010 and I’m pooped.  Thrashed.  Exhausted.  But uplifted and filled to the brim with happy in the best way.  And while I leave you with some images and text straight from an email from Laura Mayes, I’ll be composing a proper post.  Meanwhile, enjoy these. “Mormon: 1 Champagne: 0” –Laura Mayes

Party in New York City.

The video for SocialLuxe Lounge, {the party I threw in New York City}, is finished.  I’m totally excited.  Try watching this without breaking into dance, I dare you. The 2010 Avery SocialLuxe Lounge from Joseph Litzinger on Vimeo. I’m so thrilled SocialLuxe Lounge was such a success! See you in San Deigo for 2011.

SocialLuxe Lounge 2010.

social luxe lounge

I just got back from Park City, Utah for some badly needed R&R after returning home from New York City where I attended BlogHer 2010.  Do you know what a BlogHer is?  A BlogHer is a person like me, who blogs for a living and happens to be a woman; a mother, sister, wife, girlfriend. Once a year there’s a conference called BlogHer for female bloggers, the biggest of its kind, which takes place in a different city in the…
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Preparation for SocialLuxe Lounge.

last minute prep

There’s no adequate way to express the amount of work that goes into a party the size and caliber of  SocialLuxe Lounge, the primping and pampering party I throw on the eve of BlogHer every year.  I can’t really explain the sleepless nights, the hundreds of hours on conference calls, and the days upon endless days of preparation.  I mean, it’s just crazy what it takes to get it all done. I’m technically on vacation at The Canyons in Park…
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I should have been a cow girl.

cowboy boot

The rodeo came to town last weekend and all I could do aside from squealing from joy, was twitter about the various foods available at the concession stands.  There were nachos.  And cotton candy.  I’m weak in the face of nachos and candy. Anyway when the rodeo comes to town, as it does every year because that’s the kind of small town I live in, we always get tickets.  And every time we go I sit there wishing my grandfather…
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SocialLuxe Lounge BlogLuxe Awards.

blogluxe awards

That’s a mouthful isn’t it?  I’m one of the hostesses of the annual SocialLuxe Lounge, a party on the eve of BlogHer which is a huuuuuuuuuge conference for blogging women across the country.  SocialLuxe is my baby, the most time consuming thing in my life aside from my actual children, and sometimes even a little more demanding than those. As part of SocialLuxe Lounge, we hand out awards for blogging awesomeness called BlogLuxe Awards.  The nominees are by the people,…
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