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Oahu for Families

Oahu for families

Frankly, my dears, I am not made for winter. Maybe it’s the low blood pressure, but I am always cold. My nose, my toes, my fingers, and my rear, sweet cheeks, are always a bit chilly. This is why in the winter, even in Northern California, my heart sings arias for tropical climates. Hawaii is hands down, my favorite place to visit when I crave ocean breezes, fresh flavors that make my mouth water, and a laid back, relaxed attitude towards…
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5 Austin Food Trucks You Must Try

Austin Food Trucks

Warning: Food photography ahead. This post will leave you with your mouth watering while making a mad dash for something delicious. On a recent trip to Austin, Texas, my goal was to eat every meal at a food truck. It felt like I basically ate my way through Austin. I’m pretty sure I gained an extra five pounds, all in the name of blogging, y’all. And eating. While this is, by no means, an extensive review or round-up of Austin food…
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Make The Most Of A Walt Disney World Weekend

Make The Most Of A Walt Disney World Weekend | Petit Elefant

Ask anyone at our house, and they’ll tell you they’d rather be at Walt Disney World eating the ears off a Mickey ice cream bar right about now. 20 trips to our “second home” since 2007 have taught us a few things about making the most of each visit, and for this post, I focused on tips and insider secrets that will make spending a long weekend (Thursday-Sunday) at the parks that much more pixie dusted for your family. The very…
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flea market in Warsaw

vintage typewriter

Flea markets really don’t exist in Utah.  We have a plethora of enormous thrift stores {my favorites are Deseret Industries and Savers}, and we have crappy yard sales aplenty, but no flea markets.  So when we got to Warsaw and I read about this enormous flea market every Saturday and Sunday on the outskirts of the city, I was determined to go. Viktor really hates stuff like this, so it took some, uh, convincing.  We even delayed our trip to…
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trying oysters for the first time

raw oysters

I’m still going to tell you all about the Jennifer Garner event in L.A. from a few weeks back, but first, I have a story to tell.  *SIGH* After the event we went back to the hotel {The W in Hollywood} to grab a bite of dinner in the hotel restaurant with my friend Jyl Pattee and and her family.  It was a pretty swanky, expensive place filled to bursting with Hollywood types; socialites, movie producers, Hollywood housewives. We were…
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Where to Eat in Park City.

cranberry chicken salad

I know I got sidetracked by life for a little while.  Hijacked is more accurate.  But I’m back, and I want to finish out the Park City series.  I started out with a post about where to stay in Park City on vacation, and I have two more in me.  This one on where to eat while you’re there, at least if you stay at The Canyons, and what to do in Park City.  Besides ski. So.  Where were we? …
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hyatt resort huntington beach.

We travel to Southern California on a regular basis and Huntington Beach is my absolute favorite. The actual beach, I mean. I went as a little kid with my family and have glowy, sunny, happy memories of watching professional surfers and thinking incredulously “they get paid to play in the ocean all day?” Fast forward 20-some odd years {emphasis on the some odd} to my early days of marriage and motherhood. Ten or eleven years ago we started traveling as…
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7 tips for your vacation diet.

grill chicken breast

So I went on vacation. And gained at least eight pounds, of the non-muscle variety. I’ve made a lovely little list for you so you too can gain a full pant size while on your own summer vacation. 1. The first chance you get, find a Trader Joe’s and head to the frozen aisle. That would be the one in the middle. On the sides you will see all manner of treats. Go straight to the spot nearest the registers…
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eat at the blue lemon bistro.

One of the perks of blogging {no, not the explaining to everyone I know what I do and getting blank stares in return} is getting invited to cool stuff. I feel like actual press. And guess what, actual press? life’s a little more cozy where they live. Backstage passes, premieres, restaurant openings. You know, business as usual. Last week I was invited to have dinner with some other Utah bloggers {read: actual press} at a new Utah restaurant called Blue…
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