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Exploring Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand Chiang Mai

Last month our family of four ventured to Thailand for an epic vacation. It was We spent a week in Koh Chang, a day in Bangkok, and then we flew up to Chiang Mai for eight days. It felt like every day was filled with some awesome new adventure. If you ever find yourself in Chiang Mai (which I highly suggest you go), then you might check out some of these family bonding, memory making activities. 1. Riding Elephants….
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Bangkok For A Day


My family recently returned from a vacation in Thailand. While Bangkok wasn’t our main destination, we made the most of the twenty four hours in this incredible city. Our kids were such sports as we dragged them all over the place! If you’re ever in Bangkok for a day, here are some ideas for a glimpse into this bustling city. 1. Chatuchak Weekend Market otherwise known as Jatujak Market. After our week in Koh Chang, we arrived into Bangkok on Sunday around 4, meaning…
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Camping at Redfish Lake

Redfish Lake Hike View

A trip to Redfish Lake is every wonderful thing a lake vacation should be.  My little family recently spent 4 days camping in this Idaho wilderness, and it was bliss.  For 4 solid days we didn’t think at all about politics, highlighting-and-contouring, calories, or Pokemon. Instead, we soaked up towering mountain peaks, a sparkling lake, and the sweet sweet smell of campfire. Redfish Lake, just outside Stanley, Idaho, is a beloved gem of a place, for both native Idahoans and long distance visitors. The…
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A Week In Koh Chang, Thailand

Koh Chang Thailand

A yearly family vacation is essential to building family bonds and memories. At least, I think it’s essential. We picked Koh Chang, Thailand for this year’s family fun, and what fun we had! If you’re contemplating a trip to Southeast Asia, Thailand is a great choice, and Koh Chang should be first on your list. All sorts of adventures were to be had on Koh Chang, otherwise known as Elephant Island. A mere five hours from Bangkok (our AirBNB hosts…
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Living In A Drought


When I was kid in elementary school, I remember hearing talks about El Niño. Although I didn’t quite know what it was, I thought it was some once-off thing that got blamed if the weather wasn’t just right. Now I’m an adult, and El Niño has reared its ugly head once again. The results are much more catastrophic than I ever knew as a youth. In South Africa, the country I call home, we were not prepared for what El Niño…
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New Haven Pizza


image credit Tom McGovern used with permission There were many things I came to love during my nearly five year stint in New Haven, Connecticut. The blooming cherry blossoms in the Spring, the local restaurants (you won’t find a chain restaurant anywhere in the city limits), the outdoor life once Winter decided it was time to go, and then there was the pizza. Oh, my, I never knew pie could taste so good. The thin crust baked just right in a…
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Our Family Adventure Traveling To Hawaii

pipeline Hawaii

Traveling to Hawaii has been on my Bucket List for about, well, EVER.  And I did get to Hawaii, a little over 3 years ago, for a media trip that lasted about 72 hours; and while it was lovely, it wasn’t even remotely the same thing as taking a vacation with my family to some tropical isles for major downtime and big fun adventures. So this Summer when my son qualified for the Western U.S. championships of swimming, to be…
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5 Reasons You Need To Visit Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico holds a special place in my heart.  I’ve visited three times, and each visit is better than the last.  In fact, I love Puerto Vallarta so much I wanted to honeymoon there, but we were young and broke and ended up going somewhere closer to home (read: cheaper) instead.  But a year ago, my husband and I decided it was time for a romantic getaway to Mexico, 17+ years and two kids later.  It was magnificent, like…
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International Travel Checklist


Traveling internationally can be a bit daunting, especially if you’re a first timer. Don’t worry. This continent hopping extraordinaire has you covered with an international travel checklist. I don’t necessarily pretend that this is an exhaustive list, but the ten questions below should help create some peace of mind as you prepare for that excursion to a different land. 1. Did I update myself on travel laws and do I have the appropriate documents? Laws are always changing. Don’t make the mistake of…
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