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What I wore Wednesday denim on denim

brown leather belt

I had a photo shoot for a local broadcasting company last Wednesday.  I played *mom*.  I didn’t even have to pretend when they wanted me to get mad at the kids for eating junk food.  Anyhow, they needed me to look bohemian, so I did my best. I’m wearing: denim shirt dress: JCPenney denim jeans: White House Black Market vintage black leather purse: it belonged to my grandmother long silver necklace: Forever 21 pink flower ring: Charlotte Russe sunglasses: Forever…
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European Summer fashion part 3

polka dot dress

The third girl in my European Summer Fashion series was spotted in Prague. This girl was the cutest. She was French, and with a guy who was most certainly not her grandfather {because eww, grandpas don’t do that}, but definitely old enough to be so.  She was lovely and flattered I asked for her photo, and had a certain something something about her. Here’s what she had on: polkadot shirt dress skinny leather belt black ankle boots sunglasses leather cross…
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What I wore Wednesday jeans and a tee

layered necklace

You guys would be so proud.  This is *actually* what I wore Wednesday.  I was heading up to Park City last week to the Evo Conference to help behind the scenes a little, and I needed to be comfortable and not too hot. Here’s what I wore: Summer hat: Ross Dress for Less White tee: Kmart Levi Jeans: Costco Gladiator sandals: Kmart Pink flower ring: Charlotte Ruche Necklace: Target Here’s What I Wore Wednesday part I, and What I Wore…
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European Summer fashion part 2

shorts and suspenders

I seriously wanted to take photos of girls everywhere I went in Europe.  Guys too.  Even the most day-to-day outfits were so fabulous and different from what I see every day, it was constant eye candy.  The only problem was, well.  People thought I was nuts.  NUTS. I didn’t feel comfortable just snapping photos of people, so I had to ask, and then they looked at me like I was special. This girl was fantastic.  The second she got on…
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What I wore Wednesday red dress

what I wore Wednesday

I’ve decided I’m cool posting a What I Wore Wednesday every once in a while on Wednesday, but that I’m not going to be super strict about it. Because I don’t like boundaries so much, and this is my blog, so I make the rules. This outfit is actually What I Wore Sunday, but that doesn’t really matter. Here’s what I have on: Glasses: Costco Dress: Nordstrom Rack {I had them take it off the mannequin because it was the…
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European Summer fashion part 1

European Summer fashion

I had a really hard time asking people if I could take their photo in Europe.  It wasn’t just the language either.  I couldn’t read European body language!  And then I realized my superpower is reading people, but I was without my superpower in Europe, so the whole thing was off. Anyway, this girl was adorable.  She was a student at the University of Warsaw, waiting at the tram stop and I thought her outfit was fantastic.  Totally easy to…
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Swimsuit Confidence Week with Land’s End

Ladies, this is Kimberly, Allison’s trusty sidekick here beseeching you to gird up your loins. Swimsuit season is upon us. For real. And I say, down with the string bikini! Down with T-shirts in the pool! We don’t need to go there. I say we make this the summer of swimsuit confidence. All shapes, all sizes. Don’t you agree? I thought you would. Land’s End does, too, and asked me to prove it. Well they actually asked Allison but she’s gallivanting across…
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beautiful womens clothing

— This is a re-posting of an article from last Summer’s archives.  While I’m away in Europe I thought I’d give you a tour of my blog.  I’ve got years of content to delve into and plenty of fun content to keep you entertained while I’m away. — A little while ago a company called William Riera sent me some dresses to check out, along with the most beautiful turquoise necklace you’ve ever seen. I try on a lot of…
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What I wore Wednesday nautical


I’ve never done a What I wore Wednesday, but I’ve thought about it for awhile.  Usually what I wore on Wednesday isn’t super fancy, just jeans and a tee, but I was fancy yesterday.  I had to run errands so I got dressed.  Here’s what I wore. My new favorite Nautical tee from Costco.  Love. White House Black Market Skinny Jeans.  They fit like a glove. Boots from Target.  I’ve gotten MILES out of those babies. Belt: Thrifted from D.I….
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