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The secret to amazing looking skin

The secret to amazing skin

I don’t need to tell you I’m obsessed with facial care.  I whip up homemade beauty recipes at least once a week: yogurt face masks, carrot facials, you name it I’ve tried it.  I’ve also tried practically every product on the market promising to make me 17 again.  Hint: I’m not going to be 17 again. Ever. For a few years now I’ve had the Clarisonic in my sights thinking it’s exactly what I need, the secret to amazing looking…
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How to make your own acne cream

how to make acne cream

I am at the mercy of all things beauty related, especially when it comes to skincare.  More specifically, I’m at the beck-and-call of every bit of acne that showed up 20 years too late.  I’m a hot mess of hormonal imbalance and my poor, poor face has taken the brunt of it all. I didn’t have bad skin in high school, or even in college for that matter;  my skin practically glowed through all the angsty years of my youth. …
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New favorite lipgloss

We like to talk about makeup around here, in case you hadn’t noticed. All kinds of makeup, and I confess to being something of a lipgloss junkie. It would not be inaccurate to say I probably have 5 different glosses in my purse right now, not to mention how many others in my makeup case at home or kept in the console of my car. Lip gloss at all times and places, all favorites for different reasons. At the top…
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How to home pedicure tips and tricks

how to home pedicure tips and tricks

I’m not going to lie to you, today’s post includes a lot of gratuitous photos of my feet.  Not because I have a weird foot fetish – gross – today it’s all about how to home pedicure tips and tricks.  How ’bout them apples?  I really do apologize about the feet, but I couldn’t really find a way to do a how to pedicure post without showing an actual, you know, pedicure. Whatever. Tomorrow is the FIRST DAY OF SPRING! …
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Maybelline vs Maybelline mascara face off

maybelline vs maybelline mascara

A couple of years ago I did a little Maybelline vs Maybelline mascara face off to see which of the 3 grocery store mascaras in my makeup bag {at the time} was the best of the best. Maybelline has of course come up with about eleventy billion different kinds of INTENSE EYELASH FIBER EXTENSION miracle mascaras by now, but these are some oldies and I thought it would be fun to pull this out again and see what some of…
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Personalized skin care for you

personalized skin care for you

I’m curious what you use for skin care in your life.  I’ve used a variety of anything and everything from Aspirin to  olive oil to  to try and help this mug of mine look illuminated in any way possible.  I blame my kids, they destroyed everything lovely about my superficial appearance years ago and I’ve tried everything since to get it back. BeautyMint, one of the divisions of the stylish company BeachMint, asked me to try some products from their…
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Holland OPI 2012

Spring 2012 OPI

It’s technically almost Spring.  Well no that’s a complete lie, it’s not almost Spring, but we’re within spitting distance of some sunshine in our lives, which can only mean one thing: it’s time for some color. Luckily OPI has your back, as they usually do with this sort of thing.  The new Holland OPI 2012 collection is amazing, and choc-a-bloc full of hot new colors for Spring. I’m personally planning on wearing Red Lights Ahead….Where? on my toes all Summer…
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Longer lasting lip color

long lasting lip color

Finding longer lasting lip color is like happening upon a pasture full of unicorns.  It just doesn’t happen.  Everyone talks about it like it’s no big thing, “Oh my amazing lipstick?  My girl at the {muffled muffled, garble garble} counter just keeps it in stock for me.  I don’t even know what it’s called!  *giggle*” Liar. If girlfriend has perfect lipstick all through dinner, she’s got a secret up her sleeve she doesn’t want you to know about.  Especially if…
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Make-up tips for photography

makeup tips for photography

I’m teaching a design camp at Altitude Summit in Salt Lake City this weekend about make-up tips for photography.  You know, for all your big photo shoots.  So I thought I’d share the bulk of my presentation here with you, because I’m a giver.  {but mostly because I need cliff notes while I’m presenting} Regular makeup doesn’t do the job when you’re being photographed, especially if the photographer is using any kind of flash.  It’s really easy for the colors…
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