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Simple Day to Night Makeup Look

day to night makeup look

Somehow even though you do a full face of makeup in the morning, it does not look quite the same in the evening. The toll of the day’s activities and general life kinda smudge it around and wipe it off. But what happens if you have a date night or cocktails with the office after a long day at work? You definitely don’t have to do another full face of makeup. Use these simple tips to touch up your makeup…
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Making Life Easier One Blow Dryer At A Time

A few months after my first baby was born I thought I needed a change and proceeded to chop 15 inches off my hair length. FIFTEEN INCHES. That’s like mid-life crisis level action there, CODE RED! It took me close to three years to grow back out and I swore I’d never make a drastic chop like that again. So here I am, 6 years, two more babies, and a mess of hair later. There are many many days where…
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How To Get Beautiful For Holiday Photos

how to get beautiful for photos

Post Sponsored by Olay Regenerist Beauty might not be top of mind when you think about the holiday season, but it probably should be. I mean, when you get together with so many different groups of people for work and family and church parties, you want to look your best. Stress (ie bad skin + frizzed out hair) goes hand in hand with said family / work / church parties, and sometimes you’ve got to primp and pamper yourself a…
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Simple Summer Makeup Look

Simple and fresh summer makeup look

The heat is on, but your makeup doesn’t have to look melted and heavy. A simple summer rmakeup look is all you need. It’s funny how the weather and seasons change the way we do our hair and makeup.  I guess it’s because the weather–heat, humidity, air conditioning–affects our wardrobes and skin and even our moods. I know I definitely change the way I do makeup during the summer, opting for lighter, brighter, more natural.  So today I thought it…
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How To Dye Your Hair At Home With Helps And Hints

how to dye your hair at home

This post is brought to you by L’Oréal Paris. Dyeing at home, is it a thing for you?  It is for me.  In fact, I’ve only maybe had my hair colored at a salon once or twice in the last 10 years.  Truly.  There’s just no justification for me to pay someone to do it for $150 a pop when I can dye my own hair at home for under $15.   But I have simple hair.  One, all-over color to…
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Summer Nail Colors

Summer Nail Colors

One thing I love about Summer is a bright shiny manicure or pedicure. I just can’t stay away from all the shades of pink and orange and colors inspired by cotton candy and ice pops. Aren’t they so pretty lined up there all nice? Let’s talk summer nail colors in pastel, pink, and orange. Pastels Sometimes it’s fun to rock something out of the ordinary  like these colors from Joe Fresh that make me think of summer treats like sherbet…
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How To Make Your Very Own BB Cream

DIY BB cream

What’s BB Cream?  Why do I need to know about it?  What does it do?  Who am I? How did I end up here?  Who are you? Sorry.  We’re not going to get into an existential discussion today, we’re just here to talk about makeup.  Which is what BB cream is: makeup.  For your face.  That’s usually where makeup goes, on your face.  (ignore me.  it’s a rainy day over here, I’m all sorts of confused about life) Let’s talk…
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Beautiful Bronzer for Summer

bronzed summer makeup look

Summer is here and we all want that beautiful glow that goes with it… without the skin cancer or sunburn. I feel ya! Heck, I have two little black babies who just have to step outside and they have the most beautiful tans meanwhile mommas wearing a big hat as white as a ghost. It’s rough. Thank goodness for bronzer! No worries! Today I have a bronzed summer makeup look for you. It’s rather easy and with a few steps…
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Half Up Fishtail Braid Tutorial

easy fishtail braid

If you’ve never tried a fish tail braid before, today’s the day! I think every gal should have one good braid in her hair styling arsenal: French braid, traditional braid or otherwise. Especially because Summer is nearly here with all it’s relaxed styles, balmy afternoons and beachy vibes. And I love it. As you might have guessed, I’m a big fan of simple. Simple hair, simple outfits. I am a mom of two boys and I want to be cute…
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