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Step By Step Spring Makeup Look

step by step spring make up look

Today, a spring makeup look, step by step, with easy instructions so you can learn recreate it on yourself at home. // This post is in collaboration with Burt’s Bees® and EcoTools® both of which are sold at WalMart.  Thank you for your kindness and support of Petit Elefant sponsors. //  It’s been awhile since I’ve done a step by step makeup look, so I’m excited to share today’s post, which is a really simple tutorial for a gorgeous, dewy…
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Natural Deodorants: The Truth About If They Work

Natural Deodorants: The Truth

Natural deodorants: here’s my truth about my year-long experiment with aluminum-free deodorants.   Guys.  We need to talk about natural deodorant. It’s a thing.  And there’s a lot of kerfuffle about whether or not natural deodorants work.  I’m sure you’ve read about how terrible regular deodorants are. How your aunt’s mom’s sister got breast cancer from using deodorant with aluminum. I’m not here to dispute any of the aluminum arguments.  I’ve read all the research.  Aluminum isn’t awesome for you…
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Hello Kitty Nail Collection 2016

Hello Kitty Nail Collection

Hello Kitty fans, take note: a new OPI nail collection is here with every color you can dream of! Bright yellow. Bright blue. Black as night. The palest pink you can imagine. Come out the entire collection and pick your new favorite color.

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Make It: Your Own Lavender Body Scrub

make it lavender bath salt

Make your own lavender body scrub to use in the shower or the bath! So easy and made on the cheap from all natural, healthy ingredients that will make you feel nice and relaxed, pampered like at the spa.

Great Holiday Gift Kit For Everyone

stocking stuffer ideas

It’s holiday gift time and I have a gift idea (for under $10!) to make everyone on your list delighted.  Seriously.  Teachers, boys, girls, husbands, wives, mother-in-laws, co-workers; anyone and everyone you can think of.  A cute little Burt’s Bees holiday beauty gift kit (it fits right inside a stocking, I’m just saying) with travel sized lip balm, body lotion, hand salve, cleanser and foot cream to boot (for those poor winter feet).  See what I did there?   On…
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Holiday Nail Colors 2015

Holiday Nail Collection 2015

OPI‘s nail colors in the 2015 holiday collection are, in a word, gorgeous.  OPI isn’t capable of producing nail polish colors that aren’t pretty, it’s just the way the universe works, but this collection is spectacular. I was sent a preview kit to check out and immediately painted the nails of everyone in the vicinity.  These colors are so much fun! Let me introduce you to the colors in the OPI Starlight collection:   OPI HOLIDAY COLLECTION 2015 From left…
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Make A DIY Oatmeal Bath How To

how to oatmeal bath

Have you ever made a DIY oatmeal bath? Oatmeal is so great for dry, stressed out, rashy, and irritated skin.  We used to buy the lovely packets made by Aveeno, but they get pricey if you need a soothing oatmeal bath more than once a year, so I made my own DIY oatmeal bath mixture for pennies! Check it out.   How To Make A DIY Oatmeal Bath 1-2 cups oats (any kind: old fashioned, instant, etc) 1/2 cup baking…
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4 New Favorite Cosmetics Products in 2015

bath and body products

Once in awhile a package lands on my doorstep full of random beauty products, or toys, or kitchen paraphernalia.  And to most of the time I give the contents away to someone who can make better use of whatever it is, than me.  Most of the time the packages are full of stuff I just can’t get excited about.  This is not one of those times.  This is one of the rare exceptions when something shows up that I can’t…
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Braided Half-Up Tutorial

braided half up tutorial

If you’re looking to try a new (but simple) hairstyle for fall, this braided half-up look is the perfect solution. It works for everyday or you can easily dress it up for a date or even a wedding. This works best with hair at the shoulders or longer, but could certainly inspire hairstyles for shorter cuts as well. And really, braided styles are easier than you think. To start, make sure you have clear elastics, bobby pins, and a curling…
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