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An Adorable Spring Outfit For You

adorable spring outfit

Guys, here’s an adorable spring outfit for you to think about today: a 3/4 sleeve button down denim shirt, a pink maxi skirt, grey messenger bag, floppy hat, simple gold hoops, and stacking bracelets.  Oh, and maybe the cutest blue sandal wedges (with a navy blue bow!) I’ve ever seen in my life.   Are you as excited as I am to see the sun?  I love this time of year, when I start to pull out all the light,…
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Summer Sandals I’m Loving Right Now

Summer Sandals I'm Loving

Right now we need to talk about summer sandals.  I know it’s only March, but we all need to start our shoe shopping ASAP-like.  Mostly because it’s March and it’s ugly outside and I’m dying to go on a good Spring Break trip, but I’ll probably be doing yard work and laundry instead. It’s a pretty glamorous life I lead.   Do you have your eye on anything special right now?  I’m super loving high heeled sandals, that little peep…
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DIY Make It: Clay Mask Recipe

make it clay mask recipe

Make it: your own detoxifying red clay mask recipe and DIY! // This post is sponsored by Lionsgate to celebrate the opening of the movie The Divergent Series: Allegiant which opens this weekend in theaters.   As always thank you for being supportive of the sponsors that Petit Elefant running. // Have you read the Divergent Series?  It’s a collection of 4 books, young adult dystopian novels, based in post-apocalyptic Chicago, wherein individual personality and free will are rather heavily…
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Natural Deodorants: The Truth About If They Work

Natural Deodorants: The Truth

Natural deodorants: here’s my truth about my year-long experiment with aluminum-free deodorants.   Guys.  We need to talk about natural deodorant. It’s a thing.  And there’s a lot of kerfuffle about whether or not natural deodorants work.  I’m sure you’ve read about how terrible regular deodorants are. How your aunt’s mom’s sister got breast cancer from using deodorant with aluminum. I’m not here to dispute any of the aluminum arguments.  I’ve read all the research.  Aluminum isn’t awesome for you…
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Oscar Night Fashion Favorites

oscars olivia munn

It’s true I pay far more attention to the Oscars red carpet than I do to the actual show. I’m sure it was great, and I’m sure all the films represented are great, (my husband insists The Revenant is the most incredible film he’s seen) but I really just love the gowns and accessories and the handsome gents in their tuxedos and 3 piece suits. I mean, even Sylvester Stallone looks suave in a tux. A navy blue one at…
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Make It: Relaxing Homemade Lavender Bath Salt Recipe

lavender bath salt how to

Lavender bath salt: let’s make some!   Guys, we’re all in need of a little relaxing spa time aren’t we?  I am.  For sure I am.  If you ever want a spa buddy, I’m your girl.  But it’s not always in the budget to pop off to a spa, so we make do with what we’ve got.  Which in my case is to lock my bedroom door, barricading myself in my bathroom for a little “me” time.   Let’s be…
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Hello Kitty Nail Collection 2016

Hello Kitty Nail Collection

Hello Kitty fans, take note: a new OPI nail collection is here with every color you can dream of! Bright yellow. Bright blue. Black as night. The palest pink you can imagine. Come out the entire collection and pick your new favorite color.

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Make It: Your Own Lavender Body Scrub

make it lavender bath salt

Make your own lavender body scrub to use in the shower or the bath! So easy and made on the cheap from all natural, healthy ingredients that will make you feel nice and relaxed, pampered like at the spa.

Golden Globes Fashion Favorites

Golden Globes Alicia

Alright, I admit it. I watched Golden Globes, almost all of it even though I’ve only seen one–that’s right, one–of the films or television programs mentioned or honored last night. There were some bad jokes, and some lackluster moments, but I do love me some red carpet and evening gowns. So, congratulations to all the wonderful, beautiful, handsome talented winners, and now how about those dresses? Gina Rodriguez wore a beautiful navy blue gown by Zac Posen. I love navy…
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