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5 Netflix Shows You Should Be Binge-Watching ASAP

Friday Night Lights

Netflix shows are where it’s aaaaaaaaaaaaat.  Actually, I hate ending sentences in a preposition so let’s restate that:  you need Netflix in your life, and I have 5 binge-worthy TV shows I recommend you binge-watch immediately. If you’re just getting started with my favorite Netflix shows / recommendations, you can start here: M*A*S*H, Pride & Prejudice, The West Wing, A Room With A View, The Civil War Hell On Wheels Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Luther To Kill A Mockingbird Rosewater Narcos…
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Mid-Century Modern Family Room House Tour

house tour

My family room is on tour today, just for you.  It’s been a little while since I’ve shared a room tour, any home decor, really, so I thought I’d show you a peek into my house.  It has a little mid-century modern flair, using inexpensive furniture and decor, and it’s one of my favorite rooms in my house – a little slice of heaven. Our house is an early 1990’s builders kit that the previous owners built from scratch.  There…
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Best Book Ever About Hipster Kids

my imaginary well dressed daughters

Today, a review of the best book ever. A couple of years ago my friend Tiffany Beveridge wrote a book based on her popular Pinterest board, called How to Quinoa: Life Lessons From My Imaginary Well-Dressed Daughter. I’d been following Tiffany’s Pinterest board with absolute delight, being the lover of snark that I am, and maybe even harassed her a little bit about putting together a book with all the delightful romps of Quinoa, her imaginary well-dressed toddler. Tiffany is…
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Easter Ideas Round Up

Easter Ideas Round-Up

It doesn’t feel like Spring quite yet around these parts, but it’s coming. I can feel it. It’s coming, and I for one, am ready to brighten things up around here and turn my thoughts toward Easter. Bright colors, fun crafts, beautiful desserts, fresh decor are all on my mind right now. Maybe I’ll start with one of these wonderful ideas from our archives, plus a link to a beautiful free download that’s just too pretty to resist.  Everything here is…
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12 Favorite Shows To Watch As A Family

favorite family shows to watch

What are your favorite shows to watch as a family?  We have quite a few, actually.  In fact, we’ve started instituting Family Movie Night every Sunday night after dinner.  I make a big, special dinner (including homemade dinner rolls) topped off with a tasty dessert like chocolate cake, or homemade apple pie with ice cream (that’s what we had last Sunday).  The idea is to make family time that’s separate and more special than the hurry-up-crazy we push through the…
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Easy + Delicious Chicken Salad Sandwich Recipe

chicken salad sandwich

Chicken salad sandwiches are for dinner at my house tonight, so I thought I’d share my recipe for you to enjoy.  This is one of my favorite quick + easy recipes for dinner, and it’s one my kids always love.  The best part is that most of the prep for this chicken salad happens in the crock pot while you’re at work / painting your nails / sleeping / at school / watching TV. It’s amazing. Don’t you love crock…
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Grammy Red Carpet Looks 2016 Favorite Looks

Bonnie McKee Grammys Red Carpet 2016

The Grammy red carpet looks last night for the 2016 Grammy’s were, well, mostly boring, with a few exceptions.  Some of the red carpet looks were a little more bold than the Golden Globes, thank the heavens above, but mostly chill.  Should we talk about what we loved?  I think so.   I know Adele’s sound was hijacked by a rogue mic falling on a piano (at least that’s what everyone is saying on Twitter), but I don’t even care. …
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A Great Quote About Books

Great Quote About Books

Continue on with Petit Elefant’s Quote of the Week series, this week with a quote by author Anne Lamott with a great quote about books and why they’re so important in our lives.

Reading Recommendations For My Online Book Club

book club books

It’s time for our online book club, where we discuss what I’m reading right now, what I’m loving, and what you need to run out and pick up ASAP because of its’ life changing nature. Let’s get started!