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Halloween Treats, Gluten-Free Edition

Oh, there are so many completely awesome halloween goodies to be making right now.  I’m pretty jazzed about the super cool gluten-free options out there, perfect for making things festive and yummy for my kiddos this month. This is one of my favorites. Practically idiot proof. Adorable. Wouldn’t your munchkins be thrilled to find one of these in their lunchbox? So tell me, what are your favorite gluten-free Halloween goodies? I’m a leader in the Udi’s Gluten Free community and I’d love to know!…
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Tasty fall dinner sausage and peppers with polenta

sausage + polenta

Let’s talk comfort food for a second.  Are you the chicken soup type?  Me?  I want sausage and polenta over almost anything else.  It’s warm, soft and versatile.  (Like a cardigan.)  We eat it with stew and chili, or with marinara sauce.  Sometimes we sprinkle it with a mountain of cheese and bake until gooey.  Then there’s probably our favorite way–topped with sausage and peppers.  I’ve given it a little makeover here by adding some zucchini to the sausage and…
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Autumn Time Comfort Foods

It’s all official and everything. Autumn has arrived. The air has a definite chill which tells me it’s time to change up our menu a bit. I admit I was once a little worried that a gluten-free lifestyle meant abandoning our favorite cold weather comfort foods. Wrong! Haven’t missed out on anything, and I don’t even have to think too hard to come up with winning menu plans. The last stragglers of summer’s vegetables in my garden, and the new crops…
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Autumn veggie soup with pesto and cheese toast

fall vegetable soup

Well…it’s autumn now, isn’t it?  And that means soup.  Lots and lots of hearty vegetable-filled soups. This soup is chock full of healthy veggies that won’t leave you missing any meat.  Add a tasty pesto-Gruyere toast and you’ve got yourself a five-star dinner. I used veggies that I had on hand.  You could add other veggies like sweet potatoes or winter squash, different leafy greens (kale or shredded spinach would be nice), celery, leeks, fennel, parsnips, turnips or rutabaga.  Add…
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Chicken zucchini fajitas and chipotle

chicken chipotle fajitas

Are you still swimming in summer zucchini from your garden?  (I totally am.)  These fajitas are another great way to use up all of that zucchini. So here’s the thing–my husband doesn’t care for Mexican food very much.  (I still married him.)  But he loved these.  My kids loved them.  I sat back and watch them eat them up.  And then a few days later I made them again and the same thing happened.  That’s the sign of a good…
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Minty Watermelon Cucumber Cooler

minty watermelon cucumber cooler

Monday may have marked the end of summer, but it’s still hot during the day, and I’m still enjoying summer melon and cucumbers.  I still need something to cool me off in the afternoon after I’ve been running errands all day and just need to put my feet up and relax a bit. This is a version of my favorite go-to juice.  (I left out the spinach.  The color isn’t as pretty.)  It only uses a tiny bit of sugar–just…
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Bean salad with tomatoes and vinaigrette

bean and tomato salad

This salad is like a summer party in your mouth.  So many great flavors and textures going on.  I made this with garden fresh veggies from my CSA.  Cook the beans until they are as tender as you like them, toss in some cooked white beans (I like to cook my own, but canned are just fine), and add some juicy, red cherry tomatoes on top.  The tomatoes warm just a little and when you get a bite of one,…
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Sour cream peach ice cream

peach sour cream ice cream

Are you loving summer peaches?!  I can’t get enough of them.  Also–raspberries.  I think those are my two very favorite fruits and I love them together.  So it seemed natural to make this Sour Cream Peach Ice Cream to eat with fresh raspberries.  Match made in summer heaven. So let’s talk about ice cream.  Do you make it at home?  Have you jumped on the bandwagon and bought an ice cream maker?  If not, it’s totally fine.  You can still…
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Restaurant style fresh salsa

restaurant salsa

My name is Lindsey and I am addicted to chips and salsa.  I don’t know why I even order an entree when we go to Mexican restaurants.  The only thing I really go for is the chips and restaurant style fresh salsa.  And if a restaurant has lame salsa, I’m probably never going back. I started making salsa at home once I realized it was possible.  I was 18.  So a bit of a dunce, I guess.  But it was…
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