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How to make holiday flan with eggnog

how to make eggnog flan

Here’s how to make an easy holiday recipe for eggnog flan for that last-minute dessert for any potluck Holiday party. It’s a great egg nog flan that’s easy to pull together, tastes great, and bonus — it’s gluten-free! We love to make flan.  It’s my husband’s favorite dessert.  Seeing as this is the season for eggnog, I thought those eggy rum and nutmeg flavors would be great turned into flan.  I added extra rum to the custard and the caramel…
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Christmas Treats, Gluten-Free

For some reason I feel like these festive little treats are rather retro. Maybe because my mother made them for our family and friends every December for years and years, from the time I was very small. And we loved her for it. A little crunchy, a little gooey, sweet, and of course bright green. As were our tongues after chowing down on a couple of these little cuties. At one time, I probably thought that was hilarious.  For years…
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Recipe for making mint chocolate brownies GF

making gluten free brownies

Here’s a recipe for making mint chocolate brownies gluten-free (GF).  Everyone needs to have a good (tasty, tasty chocolate) brownie recipe in their repertoire, and this is mine.  With all of those holiday parties just around the corner, whip up a batch or two to take to parties or to give to neighbors who may have gluten issues.  And if you don’t have issues with gluten?  Substitute all-purpose flour for the gluten-free flours for equally scrumptious chocolate brownie-ness.  They’re great…
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Best tasting GF holiday stuffing recipe

gluten free cornbread stuffing

Today’s holiday recipe is for the best tasting GF (gluten free) cornbread stuffing out there.  Eating gluten-free can be challenging–easier than it used to be, but still difficult.  Last year was my first gluten-free Thanksgiving and it went pretty well.  I’m hosting my in-laws this year and we’re having a (mostly) gluten-free menu.  Everything I’m making will be GF at least.  That goes for the cornbread stuffing too.  I experimented last year and this year I think I’ve got it! …
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Spinach salad with quinoa and fruit recipe

Spinach salad with quinoa and fruit recipe

You need a recipe for spinach salad with quinoa and fruit for the holidays upon us.  It’s that time of year when we swear up and down we will be good and not eat too much pie.  (But then we have three slices in a weak moment.)  Here’s my solution:  indulge a bit at the plethora of holiday parties, and eat super healthy at home.  That’s my plan this year.

Spinach salad with quinoa and fruit recipes

This spinach salad with quinoa + fruit is a super healthy recipe.  And it’s tasty too.  I love dispelling the myth that if it’s healthy it must not taste very good.  I’ve used a very light dressing–just enough to coat everything with a punch of vinegary goodness and tossed in a bunch of my favorites that I almost always have hanging around the kitchen.  You be sure to use what you have on hand.  Fresh fruit is so tasty in this salad; fresh oranges sooooo good in place of the apples,  Also, pears!  Pears and dried cranberries with pecans would be fabulous.  If you have some buttery avocados sitting on your counter, toss one of those in too.
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Peanut butter and chocolate candy bar trifle

candy bar dessert

Peanut butter and chocolate candy bar trifle is the solution to all your problems. I have almost reached that point where I’m completely 100% sick of candy. Every surface of my house feels sticky. I’m pretty sure my kids must be drooling all over themselves, the walls and everything else while they are enjoying their lollipops. But you know what, I’ll let them have their lollies. I’m more of a peanut butter and chocolate candy bar kind of gal anyway….
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Thanksgiving Menu, GF Edition

Planning a holiday menu while taking into consideration the special diet concerns of each guest along with remembering everyone’s favorites can make a girl dizzy! Dizzy dizzy. Maybe even cranky. We simply can’t have it. Maybe you are hosting the big day this year? Maybe you’re a guest and want to contribute. You’re gluten free but your host isn’t? Your guests are gluten free but you aren’t?  Fear not. I’ve been pinning Thanksgiving options like mad. Here are a few that…
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Roasted fennel and Roma tomatoes

roma tomatoes

Roasted Fennel and Roma Tomatoes I’m always looking for quick, simple recipes to go with grilled chicken, fish, or meat.  I like roasting vegetables because they taste so gosh darn good.  That’s why I love these roasted fennel and Roma tomatoes so much.  It’s great as a side or fantastic on its own. I’ve grown to love fennel over the years.  It looks and behaves a little like celery, except that the stalks aren’t edible.  The fronds are, so if…
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Fall vegan chili dinner meal

chili dinner vegan

— Here’s another delicious Fall meal from our very own Lindsey of Cafe Johnsonia.  Today she’s got a Fall vegan chili dinner meal for you to make on a blustery Fall evening, with a side of GF cornbread.  I don’t think dinner gets better than that!  Unless you want to make the last dinner Lindsey posted, a tasty Fall dinner sausage and peppers with polenta. — Let me guess…you’re in the mood for something warm and comforting to get you…
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